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Selfmade millionaire


Brian Tracy shares the secrets of self-made millionaires.

They Earned It

Take this information, implement it so that you can live life Selfmade millionaire a whole new level and become "Selfmade millionaire" self-made millionaire. All business or sales skills are learnable. All financial skills are learnable. You can learn any skill. You can learn Selfmade millionaire you need to learn to achieve anything that you want to achieve.

Practice what is called back from the future thinking and project forward, develop a vision of yourself as happy, healthy, wealthy, thin, practice what top people practice which is what is called idealization. Project several years ahead and imagine that your life is perfect in every way, imagine that you have no limitations, imagine that you have everything and you could be or have or do anything you want in life. If your life were perfect in five years what would it look like?

Identifying your vision and dream for the future is the starting point of great riches and great success in life. When you write out everything you could possibly want you activate The Law Of Attraction. Whenever you find people who are really successful in life they are people who do what they love to do, they love their work.

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