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G n balasubramaniam wife sexual dysfunction


By clicking register, I agree to your terms. Among women surviving after gynecological malignancies sexual dysfunction is a morbidity unexplored in Indian context because of cultural barriers.

With the increasing proportion of women surviving carcinoma of the cervix, quality of life has become an important clinical issue. Despite the immense distress it causes in patients, sexual dysfunction is neither screened nor treated in Indian scenario.

Despite this recognition, the area is not well researched and there is a paucity of information on the impact of cancer treatment on sexual health in Indian Context.

This article aims to review the phases of sexual response and how each may be affected by the G n balasubramaniam wife sexual dysfunction and emotional stress of cancer diagnosis and treatment. We will then discuss existing tools for assessment of sexual function and approaches to their treatment. Finally, we will conclude with advice to health care professionals based on current research and suggest questions for future study.

Sexual dysfunction- female- cancer treatment Asian Pac J Cancer Prev, 18 5Introduction The incidence of breast cancer has increased globally over the last decades Hortobagy et al. Although traditionally less common, the greatest increase has occurred in Asian countries Green and Raina Level of knowledge of breast cancer risk factors, symptoms and screening methods was high as compared to cervical cancer in teachers in different parts in India Shankar "G n balasubramaniam wife sexual dysfunction" al, To reduce this increasing load of mortality due to breast cancer, emphasis on early detection and increased use of systemic therapy is required and that can only happen if we have a better understanding of the trend, age group involved and other risk factors Chauhan et al.

In a study of Kowalczyk et al. The presences of a sexual partner and the support they provide as well as the level of state anxiety are the predictors of sexual dysfunction in breast cancer survivors.

Scientists currently Hummel et al.

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