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Basic eye makeup for beginners asian dating


So, how exactly do you go about obtaining the sexy look that a smokey eye offers? Here are some surefire tips you can follow to look amazing tonight. We acknowledge the many tutorials surfacing online giving tips to those with Asian eyes on how to apply eyeshadow to imitate a crease in your lid.

This is certainly possible, but not something we would recommend as it can appear overdone and artificial.

Date night is the time...

This method is, as you would have it, best suited for people with monolids. The darkest eyeshadow colour should appear closest to your lash line.

Remember that blending is key. A simple dramatic look can be achieved by applying black eyeshadow in a whale shape on your lid, then blending it out after. Line the bottom waterline of your eye with eyeliner only halfway in to open up the eye. This does not necessarily create a smokey eye effect, but is a great tip for those with small Asian eyes. It certainly makes you look more sexy and mysterious as well. Along with a good, thick layer of mascara or some false lashes, get ready to seriously impress fellow Asian-eyed ladies tonight!

Top 8 mascaras that add extra length to Asian lashes.

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