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Reasons to marry a pharmacist


An operating-room OR pharmacist is a great asset to the perioperative team.

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The establishment of nurse-pharmacist teams in the perioperative area can reduce the incidence of adverse drug events because the pharmacist can review orders prior to administration. OR pharmacists can have a significant effect on hospital compliance with Surgical Care Improvement Project measures.

Several regulatory compliance processes can be monitored and addressed daily by OR pharmacists.

Initiating new processes and standardizing anesthesia drug trays can decrease medication errors, improve organization of anesthesia medications, and encourage safe injection practices.

A key role of the OR pharmacist is to Reasons to marry a pharmacist narcotic dispensing and reconciliation processes that inhibit drug diversion. Inclusion of a pharmacist on the multidisciplinary OR team should be standard practice in all hospitals. Given the complexities of current surgery processes, the presence of a pharmacist on the multidisciplinary team is vital to the overall success of the perioperative period.

Operating-room OR pharmacists assist daily with medication dosing, selection, and dispensing; compounded sterile preparations; Surgical Care Improvement Project SCIP guideline compliance; cost-containment practices; narcotic dispensing and diversion methods; pharmaceutical waste disposal; and regulatory compliance.

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