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It is the flagship marque of the Volkswagen Groupthe largest automaker by worldwide sales in Volkswagen literally in German means "folk's wagon" so in basic terms "people's car"and the company's current international advertising "Spravy markiza vcera online dating" is just "Volkswagen", a reference of the name's meaning.

As a result, only one German out of 50 owned a car. Josef Ganz developed the Standard Superior going as far as advertising it as the "German Volkswagen". Ferdinand Porschea well-known designer for high-end vehicles and race cars, had been trying for years to get a manufacturer interested in a small car suitable for a family. He felt the small cars at the time were just stripped down big cars.


Instead he built a car he called the "Volksauto" from the ground up inusing many of the ideas floating around at the time and several of his own, putting together a car with an air-cooled rear engine, torsion bar suspension, and a "beetle" shape, the front hood rounded for better aerodynamics necessary as it had a small engine.

He wanted all German citizens to have access to cars. Despite heavy lobbying in favour of one of the existing projects, it soon became apparent that private industry could not turn out a car for only RM. Thus, Hitler chose to sponsor Spravy markiza vcera online dating all-new, state-owned factory using Ferdinand Porsche's design with some of Hitler's design constraints, including an air-cooled engine so nothing could freeze.

Prototypes of the car called the "KdF-Wagen" German: The car already had its distinctive round shape and air-cooledflat-fourrear-mounted engine.

The VW car was just one of many KdF programs, which included things such as tours and outings. More than a year later, on 16 Septemberit was renamed to Volkswagenwerk GmbH.

Erwin Komendathe longstanding Auto Union chief designer, part of Ferdinand Porsche's hand-picked team, [6] developed the car body of the prototype, which was recognizably the Beetle known today. It Spravy markiza vcera online dating one of the first cars designed with the aid of a wind tunnel —a method used for German aircraft design since the early s. The car designs were put through rigorous tests, and achieved a record-breaking million miles of testing before being deemed finished.

The construction of the new factory started in May in the new town of "Stadt des KdF-Wagens" modern-day Wolfsburgwhich had been purpose-built for the factory workers. None were actually delivered to any holder of the completed saving stamp books, though one Type 1 Cabriolet was presented to Hitler on 20 April his 55th birthday. As was common "Spravy markiza vcera online dating" much of the production in Nazi Germany during the war, slave labor was utilized in the Volkswagen plant, e.

The company would admit in that it used 15, slaves during the war effort. A lawsuit was filed in by survivors for restitution for the forced labor. In AprilKdF-Stadt and its heavily bombed factory were captured by the Americans, and subsequently handed over to the British, within whose occupation zone the town and factory fell.

The factories were placed under the control of Saddleworth -born Hirst, by then a civilian Military Governor with the occupying forces. At first, one plan was to use it for military vehicle maintenance, and possibly dismantle and ship it to Britain. Since it had been used for military production, though not of KdF-Wagens and had been in Hirst's words, a "political animal" rather than a commercial enterprise [ citation needed ] — technically making it liable for destruction under the terms of the Potsdam Agreement — the equipment could have been salvaged as war reparations.

One of the factory's wartime 'KdF-Wagen' cars had been taken to the factory for repairs and abandoned there. Hirst had it repainted green and demonstrated it to British Army headquarters. Short of light transport, in September the British Army was persuaded to place a vital order for 20, cars. However, production facilities had been massively disrupted, there was a refugee crisis at and around the factory and some parts such Spravy markiza vcera online dating carburretors were unavailable.

With striking humanity and great engineering and management ingenuity, Hirst and his German assistant Heinrich Nordhoff who went on to run the Wolfsburg facility after military government ended in helped to stabilize the acute social situation while simultaneously re-establishing production. Hirst, for example, used his fine engineering experience to arrange the manufacture of carburretors, the original producers being effectively 'lost' in the Russian zone.


Some British Service personnel were allowed to take their Beetles back to the United Kingdom when they were demobilised. InHirst explained how it was commonly misunderstood that he had run Wolfsburg as a British Army major.

The defeated German staff, he said, were initially sullen and unresponsive, having been conditioned by many years of Nazism and they were sometimes unresponsive to orders. At Nordhoff's suggestion, he sent back to England for his officer's uniform and from then on, had no difficulty in having his instructions followed. Hirst can be seen photographed at Wolfsburg in his uniform, although he was not actually a soldier at the time but a civilian member of the military government.

The title of 'Major' was sometimes used by someone who had left the Army as a courtesy, but Hirst chose not to do so. The post-war industrial plans for Germany set out rules that governed which industries Germany was allowed to retain.

Owing to roof and window damage, production had to stop when it rained, and the company had to barter new vehicles for steel for production. The car and its town changed their Second World War-era names to "Volkswagen" and " Wolfsburg " respectively, and production increased. It was still unclear what was to become of the factory. It was offered to representatives from the American, Australian, British, and French Spravy markiza vcera online dating industries.

Famously, all rejected it. After an inspection of the plant, Sir William Rooteshead of the British Rootes Grouptold Hirst the project would fail within two years, and that the car " If Spravy markiza vcera online dating think you're going to build cars in this place, you're a bloody fool, young man.

Ford representatives were equally critical.

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In Marchthe British offered the Volkswagen company to Ford, free of charge. Ford, I don't think what we're being offered here is worth a dime!

FromVolkswagen became an important element, symbolically and economically, of West German regeneration. InMajor Hirst left the company—now re-formed as a trust controlled by the West German government and government of the State of Lower Saxony.

The "Beetle" sedan or "peoples' car" Volkswagen is the Type 1. Apart from the introduction of the Volkswagen Type 2 commercial vehicle van, pick-up and camperand the VW Karmann Ghia sports car, Nordhoff pursued the one-model policy until shortly before his death in Volkswagens were first exhibited and sold in the United States inbut sold only two units in America that first year.

On entry to the U. Volkswagen of America was formed in April to standardise sales and service in the United States. Production of the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle increased dramatically over the years, the total reaching one million in Canadian Motors, Limited brought in Canada's first shipment of Volkswagens on 10 July shipping order [ citation needed ].

The order consisted of 12 vehicles, 3 model 11C, a black, green, and sandcolor 3 11GS, a chestnut brown and two azure blue, 2 24A-M51 in red, 1 21A in blue, 1 23A in blue, 1 22A beige color, and one ambulance [ citation needed ]. Volkswagens were seen in Canada for the first time at the Canadian National Exhibition in August and were accepted enthusiastically.

At least one Type 2 bus from this order still exists, and is currently in France undergoing restoration [ citation needed ]. The first shipment for Volkswagen Canada reached Toronto in early December At least one Type 1 from this first shipment still exists, and was driven on a nationwide tour for Volkswagen Canada's 60th year of business festivities in [ citation needed ].

Inmass arrests occurred and some VW employees were tortured. In fallVW Spravy markiza vcera online dating an expert review of the situation due end of Sales soared, throughout the s, peaking at the end of the decade, thanks in part to the famous advertising campaigns by New York advertising agency Doyle, Dane Bernbach. Although the car was becoming outdated, during the s and early s, American exports, innovative advertising, and a growing reputation for reliability helped production figures surpass the levels of the previous Spravy markiza vcera online dating holder, the Ford Model T.

On 17 February the 15,th Beetle was sold. Volkswagen could now claim the world production record for the most-produced, single make of car in history. Bytotal production was over 16 million. To commemorate its passing the Ford Model T's record "Spravy markiza vcera online dating" mark and its victories in the Baja Mexican races from toVolkswagen produced its first limited-edition Beetle.

Dealer-installed options for this limited-edition Superbeetle included the following: Bythe Type 1 came with a engine. By the Type 1 had a engine, and in The air-cooled engine lost favor in the United States market with the advent of non-leaded gasoline and smog controls. These air-cooled engines were commonly tuned to be fuel rich in order to control engine over-heating, and this led to excessive carbon monoxide emissions.

VW Production equipment was eventually moved to Mexico where vehicle emissions were not regulated. Beetles were popular on the USA West Coast where the limited-capacity cabin heating was less inconvenient.

VW expanded its product line in with the introduction of four Spravy markiza vcera online dating 3 models Karmann Ghia, Notchback, Fastback, and Variant based on the new Type 3 mechanical underpinnings. The name 'Squareback' was used in the United States for the Variant.

In the larger Type 4 and models were introduced. Volkswagen added a "Super Beetle" [24] the Type to its lineup in The Type differed from the standard Beetle in its use of a MacPherson strut front suspension instead of the usual torsion bars.

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The Super Beetle featured a new hooded, padded dash and curved windshield from model year on up. Rack and pinion steering replaced recirculating ball steering gears in model year and up. InVolkswagen introduced the military-themed Typeor "Trekker" in Europe, "Thing" in America, recalling the wartime Type Thing version only sold for two years, and The former company owned the historic Audi brand, which had disappeared after the Second World War.

The purchase of Auto Union and NSU was a pivotal point in Volkswagen's history, as Spravy markiza vcera online dating companies yielded the technological expertise that proved necessary for VW to survive when demand for its air-cooled models went into decline.

By lateVolkswagen had decided to cancel the nearly finished typa project for a mid-engined car to replace the Beetle, and to focus on front-wheel-drive, water-cooled cars. Rudolf Leidingrecently made head of Volkswagen, cited noise, heat, and servicing problems with the mid-engine layout, as well as the difficulty of making it a station wagon.

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