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Directly elected mayors in England and Wales are local government executive leaders who have been directly elected by the people who live in a local authority area.

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The first such political post was the Mayor of Londoncreated as the executive of the Greater London Authority in as part of a reform of the local government of Greater London. Since the Local Government Actall of the several hundred principal local councils in England and Wales are required to review their executive arrangements. Most local authorities opt for the "leader and cabinet" model where the council leader is selected from the councillors, but in some areas the council proposes to adopt the "mayor and cabinet" model.

Following a successful "yes" vote in a local Dating for executives uk map, a directly elected mayor is established to replace the council leader.

Sincecouncils can adopt the elected mayoral model without a referendum. Most authorities with elected mayors already had a ceremonial mayor and Dating for executives uk map two roles continue to exist concurrently.

As of May16 council areas are using the "mayor and cabinet" model of governance with a directly elected executive mayor. The system of elected mayors had been considered by the Major ministryand the former Environment Secretary Michael Heseltine had been a proponent of it.

The first directly elected mayor was introduced in Greater London in as part of the statutory provisions of the Greater London Authority Act The position of the elected Mayor of London is Dating for executives uk map strategic regional one, and quite different from that of local authority mayors.

The work of the Mayor of London is scrutinised by the London Assemblya unique arrangement in the English local government system. The Mayor of London cannot be removed from office by a referendum following a petition, as is the case for directly elected mayors elsewhere in England.

Elsewhere in England and Wales, since the Local Government Actthere have been a range of options for how a local council executive leadership can be constituted, and installing a directly elected mayor is one of these options. The act ended the previous committee -based system, where functions were exercised by committees of the council although this was reinstated in All of several hundred principal councils were required to review their executive arrangements under the legislation.

Local authorities considering the option of an elected mayor were required to put the question to a local referendum. It is also possible for campaign groups to trigger a local referendum with a signed petition.

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A number of areas with elected mayors also have civic mayors or Lord mayors and these ceremonial roles conferred on acting councillors are separate from elected mayors. Eleven mayors were established duringcovering metropolitan and non-metropolitan districts, unitary authorities and London boroughs.

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Three further mayoralties were created under this legislation: Some of the first mayoral elections were won by independents, notably in Hartlepoolwhere the election was won by Stuart Drummondwho played Hartlepool United 's mascot; and in Middlesbroughwhere it was won by former police officer Ray Mallonwho left the local police force to "Dating for executives uk map" for election. Although Wales is included in the legislation, only one Welsh authority, Ceredigionhas held a referendum on such a Dating for executives uk map. In Octoberthe DCLG white paper Strong and Prosperous Communities proposed that in future the requirement for a referendum to approve the establishment of an elected mayor for a council area be dropped in favour of a simple resolution of the council following community consultation.

It also proposed the direct election of council cabinets where requested, and that the "mayor and council manager" system in Stoke-on-Trent be reformed into a conventional "mayor and cabinet" system, it having been the only English council to adopt that system. The legislation required all local authorities to review their executive arrangements again and consider the case for an elected mayor.

In Februarythe Institute for Public Policy Research published a report calling for elected mayors in Birmingham and Manchesterwhich was positively received by the government, but not by the two city councils concerned.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron expressed support for the system, saying directly elected mayors are "accountable" and can "galvanise action". The Localism Act permitted central government to trigger referendums for elected mayors, [11] and this was intended to happen in the largest cities during Ahead of this, Leicester City Council in and Liverpool City Council in exercised their option to have a directly elected mayor without a referendum.

The first mayoral election took place in May Using the powers in the Localism Acton 3 Mayreferendums were held in 10 English cities to Dating for executives uk map whether or not to switch to a system that includes a directly elected mayor.

Doncaster voted to retain its elected mayoral system in a referendum held on the same day. In it was announced that a Mayor of Greater Manchester would be created as leader of the Greater Manchester Combined Authoritysubject to new primary legislation. The delayed election for the Sheffield Dating for executives uk map Region followed in May Executive arrangement reviews, petitions and local referendums in the Local Government Act can also be used to remove the post of mayor and revert to the typical "leader and cabinet" executive arrangement.

Such methods could not initially be used to remove the post of mayor if it was established following a Government-mandated referendum.

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