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Car hookup for iphone 5

If you connect using Bluetooth

As Car hookup for iphone 5 grow more ubiquitous, people want to make the most of the functionality by connecting them to their car stereos and listening to their music through the speakers.

When the iPhone and iPod were first released, stock car stereos were not equipped to receive input from them. Since that time, several options have become available that enable you to play your iPhone's digital music through your car speakers. Three of the most common are through a dedicated iPhone connection, an auxiliary input jack and over an FM frequency. This is usually a USB connector and is located on or near the dashboard or center console.

Many cars today have the option of being equipped with an iPod or digital music player connection. If your car is not already equipped, you may be able to have it installed.

An Apple expert shows you...

Turn on your car stereo and select either the USB Car hookup for iphone 5 iPod mode. The exact name or mode will vary based on your model of car. Press play on your iPhone or on any other controls your car may be equipped with for controlling the stereo. Locate the auxiliary input jack for your car's stereo system. Many stereos manufactured during the past few years provide an auxiliary input jack on the dashboard, in the center console or directly on the back of the stereo.

If your model of stereo does not have an auxiliary input, you can purchase and install a different stereo or search for an adapter that might fit it. Connect the other end of the auxiliary cable to the headphone jack on your iPhone. Start the music on your iPhone.

If you connect using CarPlay

The music should come through your car stereo speakers. Connect the audio cable from the FM transmitter into the headphone jack of your iPhone.

Ensure that your FM transmitter is receiving power either from plugging in to your car or from a battery.

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