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V tem smislu je Playtime morda osrednji film v prizadevanju tega festivala, Kinodvora in Slovenske kinoteke, ki s celoletno akcijo Leto kina in festivalsko retrospektivo Veliko platno: Playtime, a French classic by Jacques Tati, the opening film of this year' jubilee edition of the Ljubljana International Film Festival, was never translated into Slovenian. One of the possible reasons was that the literal translation would sound idiotic; and the other that it would send the wrong message.

It has always been self-evident that Tati, or Monsieur Hulot, causing mischief and terrible commotion in his too-short trousers, a pipe in his mouth and an umbrella under arm, is only playing on screen; to put it more precisely: Toying with his own image and mythologythe traditional genre of the burlesque, and primarily Ljubil bi sexual disease sound, optical illusions and high-tech gadgets, the state-of-the-art technology that has been fascinating the masses especially the upper classes long before the digital era and the present-day modernised world.

Tati was no lover of mindless modernisation, of machines and devices, his frequent objects of ridicule most obviously so in My Uncle and Traffic. I believe this wasn't because he hated modernisation but simply because he struggled with this impersonal gadgetised world, similarly to Monsieur Hulot, a man constantly at odds with technology and lost in the ultra-modern glasshouse of Playtime's artificial Paris.

To Tati, modernisation served as a powerful lever for humour ever since his debut feature, The Big Day, in which he as a countryside postman finds himself in a cinema Ljubil bi sexual disease the first and last time, and even then has to watch Americans proudly boasting Ljubil bi sexual disease their cutting-edge postal service in the newsreel. Who knows, perhaps Tati would have ridiculed also the present-day ways of film consumption.

I am confident that he would disapprove of them, also because being aware that the digital and television screens strip his work off its essence and grandeur. To this end, Playtime is perhaps the central feature in the joint endeavours of our Ljubil bi sexual disease, the Kinodvor Cinema and the Slovenian Cinematheque. Films You Wouldn't Want to See Anywhere Else Except in a Movie Theatre, have been designed with the aim of drawing attention to the essentialness and uniqueness of classic cinema screening.

Play Playtime on your TV or computer screen and it is almost certain that you will fail to see the reason for this French comedy's classic status; see it in a cinema and you will be able to identify all the nuances and subtle details that represent the essence of Tati's minimalistic and infinitely enchanting humour.

That is why we go to our Festival every year, taking place throughout the city of Ljubljana and in Maribor, to watch films in cinema, their rightful place. Michael Pattison Svobodni pisec in filmski kritik iz Gatesheada, Anglija. V publikaciji Directory of World Cinema: Leta je bila programska koordinatorica Bratislavskega mednarodnega filmskega festivala in v letih —14 sodelovala pri programiranju Mednarodnega filmskega festivala v Karlovih Varih.

Klemen Dvornik Film and TV director. Michael Pattison A freelance writer and film critic from Ljubil bi sexual disease, England. He also contributed several essays to the forthcoming book Directory of World Cinema: Je kustosinja razstav vizualne umetnosti, mdr. V sodelovanju z Andreom Martignonijem je uredila antologijo sodobnega animiranega kratkega filma Animazioni 3 She is a curator of visual art exhibitions, like the recent 'Graphicnovel.

She curated, with Andrea Martignoni, the anthology of contemporary animated short film, Animazioni 3 He is Director of the Slovenian section of the International Short Film Festival K3, curator of Video on the Beach, short independent film programme within the scope of the Isola Cinema Festival, and coordinator of the Slovenian Film Festival accompanying film programme.

He has co-founded the Society for Short Film Promotion, Kraken, which fosters the growth of Ljubil bi sexual disease Slovenian production and overall development of short film. Jerman has written and directed several shorts, music videos and commercials. Je balkanski dopisnik za publikaciji Screen International in Cineuropa.

He is the Balkan correspondent for Screen International and Cineuropa. Senzacija filmskega festivala v Sundanceu. A musical drama driven by the demon desire for a stellar career, the film caused a sensation at the Sundance Film Festival. Andrew, a promising year-old drummer at a Manhattan music conservatory, has little interest in being just a musician.

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Haunted by his father's failed writing career and plagued by the fear that mediocrity just might be "Ljubil bi sexual disease," Andrew dreams of greatness. He practises daily until his hands literally bleed. The pressure of success ratchets into high gear when he is picked to join the school band led by the infamous Terence Fletcher, a brutally savage music instructor who will stop at nothing to realise a student's potential.

Under Fletcher's ruthless direction, Andrew begins to pursue perfection at any cost — even his humanity. Stegne 3 Ljubljana E manja. Z drugim filmom Ritem norosti se je uvrstil na festivala v Sundanceu in Cannesu. Born in in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, teenage Chazelle devoted himself to jazz drumming, playing everywhere from New York jazz clubs to street corners and subway stops.

An anarchic and rebellious conclusion of the "animal trilogy" by one of the most idiosyncratic makers of contemporary American indie film, Buzzard spotlights an everyman who decides to take on the corporate America on behalf of the increasingly rightless fellow citizens.

Najprej namerava okrasti kar lastno firmo, kar pove tudi Dereku, edinemu prijatelju na delu. Marty Jackitansky, a temp at a mortgage office, is out to get what he feels he deserves. One of his main goals is to swindle and scam corporations, even just Ljubil bi sexual disease the thrill. So Marty hatches a scheme to steal from his own company, which he reveals also to his work mate, Derek. The increasing pressure of the situation and the stress are slowly starting to affect him.

Soon Ljubil bi sexual disease ever stronger suspicions force Ljubil bi sexual disease to hide in Derek's basement. Izvirno napisane filmske glasbe ni, je pa veliko dobre glasbe. There is no score, but lots of good music.

It's not a comedy, but it's funny. It's not horror, but may be scary. And I've eliminated any possibility of glamour. I want audiences to know that the truth is being told, even if it's not coming from the mouth of the protagonist.

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Began making Super-8 movies in high school. Later on, encouraged by the early work of Jim Jarmusch and "Ljubil bi sexual disease" Lynch, he tackled more ambitious projects, such as Ljubil bi sexual disease "animal trilogy" that started with the short film, Coyote, continued with the debut feature, Ape Best First Feature Award at Locarnoand concluded with Buzzard.

In his films, Potrykus blends the genre of pulp and the stylistic methods of auteur cinema. PaulCinetopiaLocarno Yet another chilling insight into deviant human behaviour by the spouse of the trenchant critic of Austrian society, Ulrich Seidl. In the heat of the summer, ten-year-old twins wait for their mother in an isolated house in the countryside, situated between woods and corn fields. When she comes back, her head wrapped in bandages after plastic surgery, nothing is as it was before.

Stern and distant now, she shuts the family off from the outside world. Starting to doubt that this woman is actually their mother, the boys are determined to find the truth by any means.

That's the kind of movie we wanted to make.

But a movie that at the same time adhered to a certain naturalism. We were interested in a certain kind of horror, one that grows out of daily life and is rooted in reality and in very simple things: Rojena leta na Dunaju. Ljubil bi sexual disease in Vienna inFranz has been active in all fields of cinematic art and film criticism: Rojen leta na Dunaju. Born in Vienna inFiala has been making films since the Ljubil bi sexual disease of Having made a number of shorts, he established a scriptwriting and filmmaking partnership with Veronika Franz in Film je predvajan brez podnapisov ali razlage.

Debut feature by Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, an award-winning Ukrainian director, The Tribe chronicles teenage violence and the bitter struggle to establish one's identity in an alien environment. Shot entirely in sign language with neither subtitles nor voice-over. Deaf mute Sergey enters a specialised boarding school for deafand-dumb.

In this new place, he needs to find his way through the hierarchy of the school's network, The Tribe, dealing with crime and prostitution. By taking part in several robberies, he gets propelled higher into the organisation.

Učitelji so ga ocenili kot...

Then he meets one of the Chief's concubines, Anna, and unwittingly breaks all the unwritten rules of the tribe. Vendar nismo posneli niti enega samega poklicnega igralca. Sam sem jo zagotovo. Body language is natural and very individual for deaf people.

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