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Flirchi dating review


I use Flirchi and I really like it. Even when I dont chat to people online I look through interesting to me profiles and view photos of people.

The most amazing is that the site is free and you can use it unlimited.

This is a partial, inexhaustive...

Maybe they will start charging members once they see how popular the service is, but at the moment it is free to create a membership, view profiles, and send messages.

I dont understand how Flirchi dating review can recognize scammers, do they look different or what? I never "Flirchi dating review" scammers on this site and all people I have been chatted to are real I even added a few to my Facebook friends.

I have an account with the website, very user friendly interface. So far so good.

Often the scammers are listing location in the USA on their profiles but are actually in Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia You certainly can chat on the site for free if you like talking with folks all over the world, however ever encounter I have made wants to go off site, express instant love over days had several wanting things like ITunes cards, setting up an account Flirchi dating review they can send you money yet want actual bank account access,etc.

Not worth the energy and the rapid interruptions of "supposed" chats. Almost all profiles are incomplete, it also appears to want to like you your facebook account mainly for some to steal photos for future use. When you complain about individuals as being scammer the site Flirchi dating review block you the complainer.

What ever you do do not pay money for it!!!

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