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Dating a winchester 1897

Manufactured By The Winchester Repeating...

History of Winchester Guns II. Outline of Features V. Determine the Model of firearm. There are 8 Model Configurations with two gauge and several variations of those models.

The standard shotgun was a pump action and had "Dating a winchester 1897" walnut stock, with a shotgun-type metal butt-plate. Deluxe varieties had checkered forearms and stocks, and have fancy walnut stocks, or other added features as many different options were available directly from the Winchester factory. Barrel length is measured from the end of the barrel tip below the front bead sightto the end of the barrel threads beyond where the barrel inserts into the receiver in the middle of the gun.

Winchester manufactured just shy of...

In the Winchester, you can measure from the top of the receiver from where the bolt opening ends, to the barrel tip, to get an accurate overall barrel length. In order to add the distance of the barrel threads, you need to keep measuring into the receiver until you reach the end of the threads at the receiver opening see where arrow points to in picture below.

This will Dating a winchester 1897 you the correct barrel length measurement. Use the following Key to determine which model configuration of gun that you have. Start at "a" and then select one of the "a" choices.

Winchester Shotgun - Manufacture Dates....

Then confirm your selection with with the overall descriptions and variations in the Outline of Features section. These Winchester Dating a winchester 1897 were very popular and some have gone through many hands. Each owner had an opportunity to modify the gun, add parts, change parts, and remove features.

Be alert for such modifications, and remember that any modification from the original probably decreases value of that gun.

Winchester with barrel over 20" in length. The barrel will be round, 26" with the stock plain walnut with a modified pistol grip see picture belowand the butt-plate will be shotgun-style metal early and Dating a winchester 1897 hardened plastic later with a Winchester logo.

The forearm is also plain grooved walnut, with a single barrel band. You have a Brush gun b". If the gun matches this description and is a takedown variety, You have a take-down Brush gun.

The gun does have a walnut stock and shotgun butt plate. Go to section d. My gun is a 12 gauge, has a 30" barrel. The stock and forearm are checkered and made of select walnut.

The walnut stock is a straight grip. The butt plate is metal or hard black rubber with the Winchester Logo on later production guns.

Go to section e. If the gun is 12 gauge the barrel is 30" long and if a 16 gauge it has a 28" barrel. It can either be Dating a winchester 1897 solid frame or takedown. My shotgun has a fancy walnut checkered stock and the word "TRAP" is stamped on the bottom of the frame. The forearm and stock-neck are checkered. A picture of a pigeon is stamped just behind the trigger on the frame.

If the gun is 12 OR 16 gauge the barrel length is Dating a winchester 1897 long. Be sure that you have marked off in the box at the right for the appropriate model configuration of that you have. When you have determined your Model, Go to Step 2. My gun is an pump shotgun with a barrel that is 20" LONG. An standard magazine. This is an example of a Winchester checkered forearm.

Stock and Butt-plate on an early shotgun. Enter the Model of your gun in the column to the right. Brush Gun semi-pistol grip stock. Winchester manufactured just shy of one million Model shotguns, with the Serial numbers were a continuation of the Model and began in the. Barrel length is the first criteria that will be used to differentiate among the 8 different Model Configurations of the Winchester. Barrel length is measured. *. *.

Manufactured By The Winchester Repeating...

*. Winchester Shotgun - Manufacture Dates.

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