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Is song ji hyo still dating her ceo 2019


By kxykhsMay 10, in shippers' paradise.

BREAKING: Song Ji Hyo's dating...

I think that I am not the only one who actually find KwangMong really adorable. OMG thank you for starting this thread i looove these two, they are adorable together. I loved the episode when they got married it was sooo heartwarming. I also couldn't help but smile in the recent episode when the guest from girls generation revealed that when they were eating kwangso took some of the food in front of the girl guest and gave it to jihyo, when i heard this i couldn't help but think how adorable and sweet of him, it shows how he really cares about jihyo on and offscreen.

I found this image from a recent fanmeeting, and i can't resist sharing it, it's soo heartwarming and skinship seems soo natural to them, look at the intimacy here, how can one not ship them when watching this: OMG haha this made my day, I know the public isn't paying as much attention to their skinship as compared to mondaycouple and spartace etc. The most heartwarming scene recently, and i know there are many of them, but one really stuck me, when the girl pop group called girls generation apperead on RM during the break he took some food from the guest and put it infront of SJH hehe.

I think both of donsaeng KwangSoo and Joongki is the most closer person to her. I think heechul once say jihyo is a noona whom she feels like a dongsaeng. Her attitude makes you wants to treat her like a dongsaeng since she is cute and adorable. I agree, I also feel Kwangso is one of the closest to Song Ji Hyo, she Is song ji hyo still dating her ceo 2019 even admitted it in previous episodes.

Just a few episodes back she confessed to having been close to move to kwangso, when he offered it to her, after she had a fight with her mother. I also noticed that the is not been any kwangmong moments on RM since the new members were added, instead they are trying to make an equation between hm and JSM, i really miss their sweet moments. Finally I found this.

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In which I'm so fascinated to kwangmong couple than monday couple. Because you can see that it's awkward in part of SJH she's just being force to do it she's not really interested to monday couple for her it's only acting.

For my theory the scandal between her and the CEO it's just publicity for RM to stop the monday couple. But in SJH it's no avail because that's why she just go with the flow.

Song Ji Hyo showed her...

You know why I said that it's only publicity because there is RM episode about first love. I really don't get it. They are both good actors but never done any drama or movie together even SJH cameo on entourage is so disappointing because they never had interaction.

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