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Dirty sex questions to ask your partner


You love your boyfriend, but it would be impossible to know everything about him. With the right conversations, you can get him to open up and learn more about him. While it would take years to learn everything about him, you could at least learn about what he likes in the bedroom. These dirty questions to ask your boyfriend are perfect for finding out what he likes. I am completely stressed out one day when I get home from work.

What do you do to help me relax? Did you think that it was love at first sight when we met? Do you think that love at first sight exists?

What do you do when you are watching a movie with your parents or family members and a sex scene comes on the screen? Has anyone ever seen you naked on accident? Have you ever accidentally seen someone else naked? Have you ever taken naked pictures of yourself? Have you Dirty sex questions to ask your partner received naked pictures of someone else?

If you could describe your love making like a weather event or natural disaster, what would you call it? Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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Flirty Questions to Warm Up With 1. If you could dress me in anything for a special date, what would you have me hair? Do you like long or short hair better?

Do you prefer thongs, boy shorts or a different type of garment? What is your favorite part of my body? Would you like it if I made the first move? If I asked you to give me a full body massage, where would you start on my body? When do you think that I am the most beautiful? Do you ever feel jealous when you spot other guys Dirty sex questions to ask your partner me out?

Is there one thing that I could do to be more irresistible to you? Do you like it when I am jealous or possessive about you? Are you good at dirty talk? Could you give me an example? If you could see me wearing anything, what would you want me to wear or not wear? Would you ever make me breakfast in bed?

Do you think it is more attractive when I wear a flirty dress or tight jeans? Would you rather me wear lingerie or nothing at all? Have you ever bragged about me to your friends? What makes you Dirty sex questions to ask your partner on the most? If you could describe my body using just three words, what would you say?

Would you prefer me to wear a black or white lace t-shirt? Imagine that I just caught you staring at me. Where were you staring at? What is your favorite thing for me to do to you in bed? Have you ever wanted to tear my clothes off? Sexy Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Do you like making out? How often do you actually think about having sex? What is your favorite position?

What part of your body is your favorite place to be massaged? Do you feel more sexually aroused in the morning or at night? Do you prefer girls who have large breasts or a large bottom? Have you ever gone to a strip club? What type of music do you think is most enticing in the bedroom?