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PractiScore is a complete practical shooting or timed shooting competition match scoring system. It is also flexible for building your own scoring approach for outlaw multigun or other variants.

To give them back their weekend nights, and to let shooters have instant, accurate Idpa match finder dating immediately on last shots fired. It was developed by a practical shooting club director Idpa match finder dating make his, and other shooting club director jobs much much easier.

It makes managing and scoring any sized match quick, easy and fast. Configurable to virtually any practical shooting or timed shooting competition. Com, for complete match management including registration, shooter management, shooter management of their own match registration, squadding self squadding and match director managed squaddingemailing participants, and even free except for bank fees online payments and match store for shirts and other match paraphernalia. is the number one...

Added a new IDPA final report. Changed the way TP penalty warning notifications are generated.

Penalty notifications are now added to the match only after the score is approved. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description PractiScore is a complete practical shooting or timed shooting competition match scoring system. Fixed points display for raw points in new results. Fixed an issue with team scores in SCSA results not showing. Added new match type. Fixed issue where NRA Action and Idpa match finder dating results did not correctly show fractional point values.

Added run and gun. Choose Run and Gun template from new matches. Set start and end run time. Set stage wait times. Added match privacy settings. Added string times to IDPA. Added walk-through time setting still need to add timer.

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Fixed bug where CSV reg export rows were repeated. Added a log file to the auto-sync manager. Changed "sync Devices" menu to always show controls. Fixed an issue with UPL scoring where target hits were not being Idpa match finder dating against required shot count. If the stage points are set to '0' then points are just added to the match points. Fixed sorting in INMG rules.

Updated the crash reporting system. Fixed a bug in generating SCSA result upload file. Fixed a bug in the Match Series posting controller posting was broken. Fixed series location report for INMG.

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Fixed broken team results IDPA. Removed phone number field completely from the app. Fixed issue where member ID sort did not Idpa match finder dating. Added member number to shooter change history. Added category to SCSA per match reports. Fixed overall match result report for STC. Added counts to squad list and checkin list.

Fixed a crash that occurred on phones when the search bar was used in the shooter list. Fixed checkin count on squad view in the shooters list. Fixed IDPA awards report showing wrong stage winners. Added Vudoo Rimfire Scoring. Refactored the match class Idpa match finder dating into several "reporter" classes to reduce the complexity and help with maintenance.

Fixed an issue where the Action Steel csv didn't generate right. Removed all EZWS references, methods, enums, exports, and fields including shooter number. Fixed a bug where removing the logged in admin on the post UI crashed.

Fixed calls to Action Steel squad report and best Score by division report. Fixed a bug where the prebuilt classifiers failed to load. Fixed a bug where the shooter data disappeared after being entered. New match selection now Idpa match finder dating groups for affiliated or similar types.

Due to an issue running the iOS5 build on newer devices, this update will not install on devices running below iOS8. Fixed USSL divisions and penalties in templates. Made signature screen buttons larger and colored. Removed limitation on changing stage string count after scoring begins. Added separate Hit Factor vs. Added separate Action Steel vs.

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Added UPL match type. Fixed an issue where the same shooter was always chosen for scoring grouped stages. Fixed an issue in ICORE shooter history where the division was returned in place of the membership number.

Fixed an issue with individual score generation not working when deleted stages exist.

Added better UI for club assignment when posting. Added numbers to stages in the stage Edit screen and under scoring stage selection. Added sort by alias to sass scoring. Made "Post" button more visible. Fixed grouped stages score entry issue. Fix for csv registration import. Added alias for SASS template. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Updated IDPA csv export to used match defined penalties instead of the former static format. Fixed IDPA penalty report to show actual penalties. Added Sort to the device sync list. Added club assign feature to posting scores. Fix for SCSA results posting issue. Added shooter profile history to Shooter Idpa match finder dating. Added shooter history viewer to shooter edit controller.

Changed clone UI alert to say "duplicate" instead "Idpa match finder dating" "new". Added SGP to post results. Added shooter change history. Fixed most accurate selection in the IDPA awards report.

Fixed the IDPA trophy report. Only shows division results. Fixed bug where fixed time scoring did not sync score type value across. Added Zip Code to posting. Fixed alpha sorting on "Re-assign Score" shooter list.

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Added allow signatures setting for matches. Added squad intermediate results report to SCSA. Removed extra quotes in SCSA export csv. Fixed Steel Master report to match current rules. Class updates now handle correcting member number prefixes.

Added hiding personal info switch to matches. Deletes all email and phone data. Workaround for PRS stages where the String count is set to 0 but the stage requires time. Export report for NSSF scholastic scoring. Fix for a bug in PRS due to changing the data backend for scores.

Caused incomplete scores to become complete before being approved.


The change requires approval Idpa match finder dating "complete" a score. Improved speed for score entry caused by disk wrote lag on huge matches. is the number one destination for online dating with more dates, more relationships, & more marriages than any other dating or personals site., the leading online dating resource for singles.

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