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Why am i not getting matches on tinder


We also offer private, one on one Tinder Consulting. We selectively choose pictures and put your profile together. Here's an article on 3 qualities women want, 3 TInder rules: If you have no Why am i not getting matches on tinder matches, your photos suck.

I said your pictures suck ass. See, a lot of good-looking dudes have no idea how to present themselves as an attractive man in photos. Really, this guide will make a huge difference. None of the above is attractive to women on Tinder. Girls on Tinder are looking for one thing, and one thing only — dick. They want hot sex from a hot guy, but you need to remember one thing, hot is relative.

You being attractive is a figment of her imagination. The goal of this feeling is hopefully sexual attraction, but baby steps may be necessary. A lot of dudes write "About" sections, or Tinder bios, that absolutely blow.

Instead of portraying themselves as a fun, flirty and sexy guy - they come off as a dweeb or a try-hard. We have some great tips for just this right here. It's commonplace, don't feel bad. Before I go to far into your bio on Tinder, it's important to note that your photos are worth X the value of your bio.

As I've said before, if she's looking at your bio, then she's already interested in your photos. So that's good news. The bad news is your Tinder bio can make or break the swipe. A lame bio can hurt even the best-looking guys on the app.

Adding information to your bio...

So I'll give you one quick tip, avoid using "I'm" in your bio as much as possible. While neither bio is ideal, I think we can both agree the second one is better. If you're looking for more info about crafting a great Tinder bio, check this out. You know those chicks on Tinder who have no bios, three photos and no mutual friends or interests?

Chicks see Tinder bots, too. Here's an article on the Tinder Hook Up: So if your profile doesn't have text, you're hurting your chances of that swipe right. If you have no "About" section on Tinder, then you can't complain about having no Tinder matches. Also, don't make it look like shit. Girls aren't as easy and shallow as us guys so that won't Why am i not getting matches on tinder. Use the guide I created above to help you throw something into your profile.

11 Reasons Why You Have...

So you need some lines that meet in the middle. They should be an easy clever sentence designed to to surprise. Messaging is an art form. It's not easy; I won't lie. Girls love attention and need to be entertained. Once she's hooked, you can stick to simple questions, but it can be hard to get to that point with some chicks.

I'm sure this is the...

You have to get her in conversation without asking too many questions. The fortune is in the follow-up!! Here are some great tips. So here are my two rules:. Banter is absolutely necessary on Tinder and while texting, but you can only chat so much before meeting up in person.

This is particularly the case in the dick buffet that is the United States. There is a fine line between staying on her radar until you meet and building a connection to becoming her text buddy. Anything over ten back and forths on Tinder before getting her number is too much.

Find out the important information, get her number, and text her. Playing it too cool is the opposite of being too chatty. You have to show some vulnerability. You have to put yourself out there a little bit. This means you'll have to ask her some questions and make an attempt to relate to her as a human being.

We can help, check this out. Here's another article if you're not getting any Tinder Matches: There's no need to be a hard ass while on Tinder. Flirt and have fun, just avoid coming off as needy. It'll take some practice, but you'll find that fine line soon enough. You'll naturally get there as you talk to more women on Why am i not getting matches on tinder.

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Just remember, it's not an app for messaging. It's an app to get laid. Use Tinder, get hermeet up, and get laid.

It's as easy as that. If you have no Tinder matches, it could just be your location. Tinder is ass in many places. In other places, you can have sex with a new girl every day using Tinder. If you're a man in his twenties living in a city under one million people, you're doing yourself a grave disservice.

Many men like Rob continually lament how a man shoots himself in the foot by living in small towns and cities. If you're a single man living in the suburbs, you're literally shooting yourself in the foot from a sexual standpoint. Live in a shitty studio next to the bars.

Get some roommates in the restaurant district. Do whatever it takes to live in a decent sized city. Needless to say this is pretty hard to get around. Obviously not everyone can just move whenever they want.

11 Reasons Why You Have...

Why am i not getting matches on tinder, you'll definitely want to expand the radius more than normal. The Tinder algorithm is a complex son of a bitch. I won't sit here fronting like I know exactly how it works.

I will say that if you don't use the app for a couple of days up to a weekyou'll probably get more matches the next time you start swiping. If you don't use the app for a couple of weeks, you'll be so far down the match results that you may never get seen by girls in your area.

If you want more Tinder matches, make it a rule to use the app every days. Otherwise, your profile will rot, decay, and it will no longer be shown to the women we're trying so hard to get in bed.

Just actionable advice designed to help you make sweet sex with girls using the app. Best of all, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Basically, Tinder is a joke. Even with the best pics etc.

22 Replies to “11 Reasons...

Tips and tricks achieves zippo…. Girls respond, and I am not gorgeous by any means. The turd beta male that wrote this article just wants to scam you off your money. I bet he never got laid himself. Just ask a girl out in real life, and use Tinder if you can make it work for you.

However, sadly, even when men are polite these days, they can get an aggressive response… Society is anti-male, face it. We can show them we can do better. It works for me, im 43 shaved head and a little fluffy. These girls live me on here.

I live in gv fl, yeah UF college town. Be a salesman for yourselves and stop thinking it all has to do with looks. Again, these girls fuckin love me here and im far from a model. I am cute tho. Contrary to the article, not all girls are only on tinder for dick.

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