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Google android keyboard xdating


The ideas still apply, but many of the technical details about Gmail and Pine have changed. I hate the mouse. After hearing the nth person brag about how much it increased their productivity, I finally broke down and tried it. However, I made "Google android keyboard xdating" use it as my only email client, for a month, to give it a fair shot. I ended up using it for five weeks, and while I eventually switched back to Pine, I liked Gmail a lot more than I expected.

Many people have gone the other direction and written Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail to add features and customize it to their liking. I have no idea how.

The UI for threading, or conversations in Gmail lingo, rocks even harder. The killer feature is that the bodies of all messages in the thread on a single screen. Combined with hiding quoted text, this is very powerful.

Tagsaka labels or virtual folders, are all the rage these days. There are keyboard shortcuts! Even more amazing, I can actually do most of my normal email tasks with the keyboard shortcuts only.

I love the Y key, a single keystroke for archiving email. The address book is great, mostly because I never have to use it. I wish Pine did this! It has maybe a third of the headers and options that I normally filter on. Even with labels, the set of filter actions is anemic. If no email is selected, the Y key should archive the email under the cursor. This should be common sense.

If you ever get flooded with email, or with spam that escapes the spam filters, god help you. Marking messages as read is impossible with the keyboard, and takes three clicks with the mouse: I could just leave them unread, but then the labels display is useless for showing Google android keyboard xdating mailing lists have new mail. This is just plain silly. The Y key is Google android keyboard xdating inconsistent. There are a ton of problems with this, but among others, it needs a way to remove trailing quotes when sending.

OK, to be fair, Google android keyboard xdating doubt this feature is in high demand. If you add labels support to PINE, that would rock. M ain, S etup, C onfiguration, and add them to the keywords option.

And if you're using Google's...

I do want to ask you a technical question. It seems it may have to do with the fact that Gmail base64 encodes their messages. Sat, 11 Mar On Sat, 11 MarA Friend wrote:.

The rest are not. Have you tried using pine WITH gmail? I'm using it now and it works wonderfully. IMAP supports most kinds of searching natively, which makes it much faster, assuming the server is halfway decent. Sure, it mostly works well, but it has too many false positives.

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