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How long should you be engaged before getting married


When a couple gets engagedthe first thing that happens is the stress. Planning a wedding is incredibly, incredibly stressful, and many might be tempted to just shorten it all and get the wedding over with so they can move on to being married. Apparently most couples manage to resist this urge. Despite this desire to rush to the altar, most couples do wait.

Consider these points before you...

And they are smart to wait. A short engagement six months or less really only makes sense if you have already been with your spouse for a long time and the marriage is just a formality.

A new study found that...

Otherwise, especially for couples who have been together a year or less, a long engagement -- more than one year -- is very important. But trust me, 10 years into this whole marriage thing, you are married a long, long, long time if you are lucky.

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