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Consolidating amazon gift cards


Do you have gift cards lying around or in your purse or wallet with a small balance left on them? Have you been carrying them around for awhile unsure how to use them?

Combine and consolidate old low...

Wondering how to combine gift cards? This solution really only works on gift cards with a credit card logo on them such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Basically, any card you can use at ANY store. Now you have all of your miscellaneous small balance gift cards added up in a single location and you can easily use it on a purchase at Amazon.

Once you receive the email from Amazon. There is nothing worse than having a pile of gift cards lying around that you have to call AGAIN to make sure there is no balance left on them.

I do this all the time.

I have been collecting the...

Thank you for mentioning this. I had a couple of troublesome gift cards that I was able to move to Amazon. Now I can finally use the value and get rid of them! I am always happy to see people like you who value their kids such that they alter their lives to be with them and still be successful.

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