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Green Lantern is the name of several superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. They fight evil with the aid of rings that grant them a variety of extraordinary powers.

The first Green Lantern character, Alan Scottwas created in by Bill Finger based on original character designs by Martin Nodell during the initial popularity Linterna verde es homosexual superheroes.

Alan Scott usually fought common criminals in New York City with the aid of his magic ring. They have been adapted to television, video games, and motion pictures. This Green Lantern's real name was Alan ScottLinterna verde es homosexual railroad engineer who, after a railway crash, came into possession of a magic lantern which spoke to him and said it would bring power.

From this, he crafted a magic ring which gave him a wide variety of powers. The limitations of the ring were that it had to be "charged" every 24 hours by touching it to the lantern for a time, and that it could not directly affect objects made of wood. Alan Scott fought mostly ordinary human villains, but he did have a few paranormal ones such as the immortal Vandal Savage and the zombie Solomon Grundy.

Most stories took place in New York. As a popular character in the s, the Green Lantern featured both in anthology books such as All-American Comics and Comic Cavalcadeas well Linterna verde es homosexual his own book, Green Lantern. After World War II the popularity of superheroes in general declined.

When superheroes came back in fashion in later decades, the character Alan Scott was revived, but he was forever marginalized by the new Hal Jordan character who had been created to supplant him see below.

Initially, he made guest Linterna verde es homosexual in other superheroes' books, but eventually got regular roles in books featuring the Justice Society.

He never got another solo series. Between andDC Comics changed Alan Scott's superhero codename to "Sentinel" in order to distinguish him from the newer and more popular science fiction Green Lanterns. Inthe Alan Scott character was revamped.

His costume was redesigned and the source of his powers was changed to that of the mystical power of nature referred to in the stories as "the Green". Hal Jordan's powers were more or less the same as Alan Scott's, but otherwise this character was completely different than the Green Lantern character of the s.

He had a new name, a redesigned costume, and a rewritten origin story. Hal Jordan received his ring from a dying alien and was commissioned as an officer of the Green Lantern Corpsan interstellar law enforcement Linterna verde es homosexual overseen by the Guardians of the Universe.

Hal Jordan was introduced in Showcase 22 September—October Gil Kane and Sid Greene were the art team most notable on the title in its early years, along with writer John Broome. With issue 76 Aprilthe series made a radical stylistic departure. Editor Schwartz, in one of the company's earliest efforts to provide more than fantasy, worked with the writer-artist team of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams to spark new interest in the comic book series and address a perceived need for social relevance.

They added the character Green Arrow with the cover, but not the official name, retitled Green Lantern Co-Starring Green Arrow and had the pair travel through America encountering "real world" issues, to which they reacted in different ways — Green Lantern as fundamentally a lawman, Green Arrow as a liberal iconoclast. Additionally during this run, the groundbreaking " Snowbirds Don't Fly " story was published issues 85 and 86 in which Green Arrow's teen sidekick Speedy the later grown-up hero Red Arrow developed a heroin addiction that he was forcibly made to quit.

The stories were critically acclaimed, with publications such as The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journaland Newsweek citing it as an example of how comic books were "growing up". The title would know a number of revivals and cancellations.

Its title would change to Green Lantern Corps at one point as the popularity rose and waned. During a time there were two regular titles, each with a Green Lantern, and a third member in the Justice "Linterna verde es homosexual." A new character, Kyle Raynerwas created to become the feature while Hal Jordan first became the villain Parallaxthen died and came back as the Spectre.

Johns began to lay groundwork for " Blackest Night " released July 13, [5]viewing it as the third part of the trilogy started by Rebirth.

Expanding on the Green Lantern mythology in the second part, " Sinestro Corps War "Johns, with artist Ethan van SciverLinterna verde es homosexual wide critical acclaim and commercial success with the series, which promised the introduction of a spectrum of colored "lanterns".

One of DC Comics oldest...

In Judd Winick 's first regular writing assignment on Green Lantern, he wrote a storyline in which an assistant of Kyle Rayner's emerged as a gay character in Green Lantern June In Green Lantern November the story entitled "Hate Crime" gained media recognition when Terry was brutally beaten in a homophobic attack. Alan Scott's Green Lantern history originally began thousands of years ago when a mystical "green flame" meteor fell to Earth in ancient China.

The voice of the flame prophesied that it would act three "Linterna verde es homosexual" Bythe lantern passed into the possession of Alan Scott, a young engineer. Following a railroad-bridge collapse of which he was the only survivor, the flame instructed Scott how to fashion a ring from its metal to give him fantastic powers as the superhero Green Lantern. He adopted a colorful costume and Linterna verde es homosexual a crime-fighter.

Alan was a founding member of the Justice Society of America. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths although the original origin story was still in continuitya later Tales of the Green Lantern Corps story was published that brought Scott even closer to the Corps' ranks, when it was revealed that Alan Scott was predated as Earth's Green Lantern by a Green Lantern named Yalan Gur, a resident of China.

Not only had the Corps' now-familiar green, black and white uniform motif not yet been adopted, but Yalan Gur altered the basic red uniform to more closely resemble the style of clothing worn by his countrymen. Power ultimately corrupted this early Green Lantern, as he attempted to rule over mankind, which forced the Guardians to cause his ring to manifest a weakness to wood, the material from which most Earth weapons of the time were fashioned.

This allowed the Chinese peasants to ultimately defeat their corrupted "champion". His ring and lantern were burned and it was during this process that the "intelligence" inhabiting the ring and the lantern and linking them to the Guardians was damaged. Over time, Linterna verde es homosexual it had occasion to manifest itself, this "intelligence" became known as the mystical 'Starheart' of fable.

Centuries later, it was explained, when Scott found the mystical lantern, it had no memory of its true origins, save a vague recollection of the uniform of its last master.

This was the origin of Scott's distinctive costume. Due to its damaged link to them, the Guardians presumed the ring and lantern to be lost in whatever cataclysm overcame their last owner of record, thus Scott was never noticed by the Guardians and went on to carve a history of his own apart from that of the Corps, sporting a ring with an artificially induced weakness against anything made of wood.

Honoring this Linterna verde es homosexual history, the Guardians never moved to force Scott to relinquish the ring, formally join the Corps, or adopt its colors. Some sort of link between Scott and the Corps, however, was hinted at in a Silver Age crossover story which depicts Scott and Hal Jordan charging their rings at the same Power Battery while both reciting the "Brightest Day" oath.