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White Button was a Yugoslav rock band, based in Sarajevo. Bijelo Dugme is widely considered to have been the most popular band ever to exist in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and one of the most Goran vujevic wife sexual dysfunction acts of the Yugoslav rock scene. The band's debut album Kad bi Goran vujevic wife sexual dysfunction bijelo dugmereleased inbrought them nationwide popularity with its Balkan folk -influenced hard rock sound.

The band's future several releases, featuring similar sound, Goran vujevic wife sexual dysfunction their huge popularity, described by the media as "Dugmemania", and the band's work, especially their symphonic ballads with poetic lyrics, was also widely praised by the critics. In the early s, with the emergence of Yugoslav new wave scenethe band moved towards new wavemanaging to remain one of the most popular bands in the country.

Inthe band reunited in the lineup that Goran vujevic wife sexual dysfunction most of the musicians that passed through the band, including all three vocalists, for three concerts, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovinain ZagrebCroatia and in BelgradeSerbia.

The band's history begins in During Bebek's short leave from the army, the band recorded four more songs: At this time, the band adopted the name Bijelo Dugme. The band started promoting the single, performing mostly in smaller towns.

The band had their first bigger performance at the BOOM Festival in Ljubljanawhere they were announced as "the new hopes".

Kad bi' bio bijelo dugmefeaturing a provocative cover designed by Dragan S. The final number of copies sold was aboutIn late FebruaryMihaljek organized Kongres rock majstora Congress of Rock Mastersan event conceptualized as a competition between the best Yugoslav guitarists at the time.

Before the recording of their second album, Bijelo Dugme went to the village Borike in Eastern Bosnia in order to work on the songs and prepare for the recording sessions. On their latest LP record there is a posterior with fingers pressed into it.

They sold more thanrecords, and held concerts during the last days. That sort of joy and that sort of spontaneity, that sort of sensitivity and that sort of togetherness are possible only with creative spirits, which do not bargain for their position, but simply share it with the others, the same, the equal. With the sounds that tear to pieces everything that does not subject to them I myself felt mincedwith blinding games of light, in the whirlpool of young bodies uncaring for their small spot, an event which will be remembered was created, an event which, in my opinion, Bijelo Dugme accidentally set in motion.

That event was in the air, as a need of one generation of teenagers pinched between existing tepid culture and imperatives of their young nature.

Miroslav Duka, Goran Vujovic and...

The instruments of Bijelo Dugme were only the electric lighter for those explosive masses, which started the run for their mythology, their culture, their values The band prepared for the recording of their third album in Borike. It was released on December 20, They held nine successful concerts across Poland.