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Official american league baseball hookup guide


Official N ational League Baseballs are specifically dated within the era of the league president.

Major League Baseball officials are...

Variations with baseball specifications, trademarks, and logo designs can narrow down the year s and are approximately dated in chronological order. Click on a link for a detailed description and value.

Official American League Ban Johnson baseball - The absence of a patent stamp on the sweetspot helps date these balls prior to The word "Rubber" is stamped at the bottom with Official american league baseball hookup guide ball specs. The south specs panel now reads "9 in 5 oz.

The word Official is smaller and compact with the "O" centered over the "c" in "American". Official American League Ernest Barnard baseball - Ernest Barnard stamp "E.

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William Harridge stamp replaces E. President stamp "William Harridge Pres.

A Third Star is added below the William Harridge signature. The space between "Cushion Cork Center" and the Reach logo is closed.

Cronin Pres" stamp replaces William Harridge. Third star below pres.

Off" is removed from the Reach Trade Mark Logo. A By Spalding" added some balls are sewn or made in Haiti. Dots on the north panel below Rawlings can date the ball to a specific year.

Ball made in Haiti Ball made in Costa Rica Official Major League Baseballs in this guide are specifically dated within the era of the league president. Variations with baseball.

They include the Daily Journal...

More from A Housewife's Guide to Baseball (¡). Major League Baseball's rules were completely recodified in ¡ with The race to score the milestone run was closely monitored by an elaborate electrical hookup among all stadiums. They include the Daily Journal of Commerce, the American Cotton Grower, the It also was the first to broadcast a Southern League baseball game.