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Why is pollination important to sexual reproduction in plants


Photo by Jeff Motychak.

This is just as true for cone-bearing plants, such as pine trees, as for the more colorful and familiar flowering plants. Photo by James Henderson.

Flowering plants produce breathable oxygen by utilizing the carbon dioxide produced by plants and animals as they respire. Without them, existing populations of plants would decline, even if soil, air, nutrients, and other life-sustaining elements were available.

Flowering plants help to purify water and prevent erosion through roots that holds the soil in place, and foliage that buffers the impact of rain as it falls to the earth.

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The water cycle depends on plants to return moisture to the atmosphere, and plants depend on pollinators to help them reproduce. Janet Marinelli, Editor in Chief.

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A hummingbird flits among the blossoms of a fireweed. This original design was done in the style of, and greatly influenced by, the delicate form, lines, and art of the Tsimshian and Tlingit peoples of southeast Alaska. Photo courtesy of Julie Thompson, Featherlady Studio. We explore only a few examples of culturally important pollinators or pollinated plants here.

To learn more about culturally important plants and pollinators:. Corn is mostly a wind- pollinated crop. Native peoples Why is pollination important to sexual reproduction in plants the first to recognize the role of pollination and to plant corn in such a way that they could hybridize certain types of corn for particular characteristics and purposes.

Since their earliest origins, humans have depended on plants for their primary needs and existence.

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