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Asexual and sexual reproduction quizzes


Bacteria reproduce asexually by a process called A splitting in two B replication C binary fission D meiosis. A It is only half of the amount of DNA found in the parent. B It is a mix of the parent's DNA. C It is identical. D It has some similarities and some differences. How many parents are required for asexual reproduction? A one B two C six D four. In order to survive and reproduce organisms need to have what type of traits?

A Traits favorable for survival. B Traits that make them the smartest. C Traits that make the the Asexual and sexual reproduction quizzes attractive. D Traits like the parents. How can asexually reproducing organisms gain some genetic diversity? A meiosis B mitosis C mutations D crossing over. What process creates gametes for sexual reproduction?

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A mitosis B independent assortment C meiosis D crossing over. Why does the process the creates gametes also create genetic diversity?

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B Crossing over and independent assortment mix up the DNA from the mother and father. C Prophase and anaphase mix up the DNA. D Two parents contribute DNA. What type of reproduction is more condusive to evolution due to the increased genetic diversity it offers?

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A binary fission B budding C asexual D sexual. When is being genetically identical to the parent an advantage for organisms?