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How it feels to have a crush


I'm aromantic, so I've never had a crush. My mom's described some of what it feels like, but I'd like some more opinions, and how people act when they have one. The reason is more just so I can affirm or deny if I've had one, but also to help me write my current fanfiction. The characters start dating mid-story and I need a bit of help figuring out how to describe them getting crushes on each other and falling in love.

When you find yourself feeling...

Emotional attraction is hard to quantify. We don't yet have Star Trek medical tricorders we can wave alongside someone's head and announce, "yup, you're crushing. So any attempt to diagnosis such things will be comparing how you describe it to someone else's description.

But that other person's description might not be entirely how it's being felt by another person so of limited use. I would say then, that if you think you're crushing or into someone, you are. Isn't for me or anyone else to marginalize your feelings for someone or say it's not this but that. Being fond of someone is how we should be. It should be encouraged, cultivated, and enjoyed. Not shot down as a phase or trivial.

If you have a crush, that's awesome! Most people enjoy knowing someone's crushing on them. It's kinda sneaky and devious, but depending on who it is, and what they are same-sex crushes are tricky if you don't know the sexuality of the person, but there's pleanty of ways to find out if a person will be receptive to your interest. Being Summer and pool-season, invite them to the pool. How it feels to have a crush more innocuously, ask them to walk with you.

Cover it with your wanting to start walking to tone up a little, but don't wanna walk alone.

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It sort of feels like something pulling you towards situations with said person? That uncontrollable desire to be around someone? To me a crush is a desire to see and spend time with a person you find either aesthetically, intellectually or as a whole captivating.

I have had plenty of crushes, and I have always built elaborate stories in my head of how a romance would work out.

I never do anything with the crushes and it goes away, but that feeling of thinking of someone more than yourself is interesting and pleasant sometimes.

When you have a massive...

In my case I tend to avoid the person I have a crush in just because I don't want to deal with the impossibility of it, but I know that being around them it has always been difficult to just be myself. I feel awkward in what I say and what I do, and I am pretty sure people notice.

So avoidance is my policy. A crush feeling-wise can "How it feels to have a crush" two ways. It's an adrenaline of warmth and goodness which will compel you to think about, spend time, and even exercise a benevolence you didn't know existed before for that person.

However, a crush can feel awful if the person never opens up to you and how you feel about them. I just whiplashed by someone who I crushed on but apparently didn't feel the same back, and just entered a relationship with some other dude.

I've never had a crush You feel all "top of the world", excited almost euphoric ,butterflies in stomach and you cant stop thinking about that person!!!

Urban Dictionary defines a crush...

And everything little thing they do seems to be amazing I never wanted to touch him or kiss him Sorry for the long answer Hope your fanfic pans out well!!! People can have many reactions to it; blush, increased heart rate, butterflies, limerence, infatuation, etc. Well a crush, from what I've experienced, it's like sort of a spark or happy little tickle inside your chest that intensifies when you see the person you like. Some people take a while to recognize what's going on, others can recognize more quickly they feel 'special' in a way they don't feel with friends or close acquaintances when it comes to that one person.

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