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Men spank their lovers


You already know why you should spank your girlfriend. And you have already agreed the rules of the house.

The goods news is spanking is easy and natural for any strong man! Adopt an attitude that embodies a head of household mindset. Identify in your mind the specific behaviour that you object to. This is important, as you will be explaining this to your girl. Choose whether the spanking will be open hand or if you Men spank their lovers use a ruler or your belt.

Decide whether she will be over your knee or bending over in some other position. This gives you both time to reflect. Once you have made up your mind and are confident Men spank their lovers your decision, then you need to inform your girlfriend! Re-explain to her what has led to this, why the behaviour is poor and what is expected in the future. Do this throughout the spanking. Speak to her slowly, strongly and calmly as you would to a sub-ordinate. I like to give her pussy a little rub, from time to time during the spanking.

Just enough to keep her wet. This arousal will bring additional emotional stimulation. This is not the focus! The focus is on delivering the discipline. She may already be tearful from the spanking. Have her come to you for a little cuddle and check she is OK.

Always fuck your girl after spanking her! Communicate with her about the spanking some time days or weeks afterwards.

Why do guys find spanking...

Have her give you her opinion on the discipline and whether she felt it was beneficial for her. Ask whether she has internalized the lesson you taught her. Find out about any misgivings she may have. Maybe you think this all this sounds sensible, but reckon your girl would never stand for it. Then you might like my hard-hitting, step-by-step program: Sassy to Submissive in 6 Weeks.

As a woman who is a traditional woman that also needs proper, loving boundaries and a firm hand I must say that the way you are saying to spank a woman is confusing. I would confuse the sex with the discipline. I would act out to get the fun sex at the end of the spank and the nice rubbing too.

Like a child receiving Men spank their lovers that gets an ice cream and "Men spank their lovers" cookie after the spanking. This is ultra confusing. It is way too conflicting. To receive sex of any kind during the process would defeat the purpose.

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I know for myself, I need to know I have displeased my husband and that I will think twice when about to say something snarky and disrespectful.

I wish not to displease him and I do not wish for the serious pain physically it will bring. Otherwise, the rest of your Men spank their lovers for real discipline works. Great advice other than this confusion. I think of it like raising children with an authoritative approach. There there needs to be a line drawn. But this is what the cuddling phase is for.

It marks the end of the punishment. PS- I realize you are suggesting that he say aloud the message of what she did that was wrong during the discipline but I would be behaving badly Men spank their lovers GET the spanking so I could have the fun.

I think most women would. It would be enforce my negative behaviour. I think there is a HUGE difference between erotic spanking and discipline. My spanks need to hurt and I need to know that he is not happy. Both of us getting an orgasm after is not the goal. The goal is to get me to behave at my best and to keep the tone set as to who is running this household.

Thank you for your wonderful site. I am sorry for the continual comments. I think this is the last one. I hope someone appreciates it. One last thought to share.

It might help you men and women out there if she is the same as me. I crave to serve my husband. Men spank their lovers

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