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We have to be honest. Technology is a blessing and a curse. But on the other hand, we almost have too many products. There are constantly new things to try and to keep up with. Throwing trends out the window, Robin photographs anything she finds intriguing with a vintage Polaroid camera. All in all, this blog is anything but boring. More of a Millennial how-to guide than a list of tutorials for fresh-faced beauty, She's in the Glow gives readers an up-close-and-personal look at the latest beauty trends and how to wear them.

Bringing a fresh, clean aesthetic complete with product reviews and how-to videos, blogger Alix makes I Covet Thee so pretty you'll practically want to live in this blog. Our favorite aspect is the Repurchase Roster, an innovative twist on products that are good enough not only to buy but Womens blog sites to buy again. Pour over gorgeous images, learn about the new cult classics on the scene, and get inspired to finally try trends like white eyeliner and colored Womens blog sites. The creator, Ann Colville Somma, has years of experience in the beauty industry under her belt, and as a result, she curates some of the most beautiful images and products imaginable on Cult of Pretty.

A mix of celebrity beauty news and product reviews, Rouge 18 creator Amber Katz is all about up-to-the-minute information from the beauty industry. For a quick catch-up on the latest in beauty, this is your destination. When an international model recommends a beauty Womens blog sites, never question her.

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A Model Recommendscreated by fashion model and writer Ruth Crilly, is the perfect source of insider information. Bringing backstage tips, product picks, and how-tos to the masses, A Model Recommends is every beauty junkie's dream blog.

Womens blog sites, for some added fun, your mouse cursor becomes a mustache when navigating the blog.

It's all in the details, people. Corrie, who blogs from the UK, does just that, sharing her experiences with readers in the form of lighthearted, well-lit images.

There's no one better to learn Womens blog sites than the professionals, and Lisa shares quick, useful videos with readers on the most commonly asked questions in the beauty world. Detailing her favorite beauty looks and demonstrating how to get famous hairstyles like Taylor Swift'sTanya's blog has become a go to for the Millennial generation.

From making YouTube tutorials to founding a cosmetics company, Elle is well-versed in the beauty industry, Womens blog sites her blog reflects that. Complete with beauty hauls, how-tos, and sale alerts, Dreaming in Blush is well worth a bookmark. Curly Nikk i does an extremely extensive job of covering beauty for girls with natural hair. She doesn't just see a Womens blog sites on the red carpet and decide to re-create the look at home; Katey usually creates that exact look on the celebrity, then explains how she did it.

The Sunday Girl is a UK-based beauty site full of product reviews.

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