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Natalee and anthony the valleys hookup


After speculation arose in the season premiere that Anthony might have cheated on Nat, the pair had barely spoken, but Nat could only resist Anthony for so long, admitting:. Defiant that he'd done nothing wrong, Anthony got dressed and stormed off, saying: The following day, Anthony packed his things and wrote a note for the house explaining that he needed some time to "sort his head out", leaving Nat and the rest of the house in pieces.

In last night's high voltage...

As for Carley, Chidgey and Jack, their relationship tussle took another twist, as Jack continued to lay on the charm in a bid to win Carley's affection, asking himself: Could this be the end of Nat and Ant? And will Carley succumb to Jack's advances, or will she continue to wait on the sideline for Chidgey? Welsh beefcake Jack marks his territory on Carley before he's even entered "Natalee and anthony the valleys hookup" house The fiery couple argued during a moment of passion in episode 2….

Tuesday, March 4, - After speculation arose in the season premiere that Anthony might have cheated on Nat, the pair had barely spoken, but Nat could only resist Anthony for so long, admitting: And when he makes his ballsy entrance literally!

The Valleys | Season 3...

Meanwhile, the lads get over 'familiar' and show each other their party tricks While the girls "Natalee and anthony the valleys hookup" their best assets to be the first to bang bad boy Jack But just as the house was getting steamin', Nat finds out Ant got balls deep Down Under While Jenna leaves Jack hanging low!

Then Nicole rocks up, stinkin' of piss As new boy Jack is getting to know the locals And Chidgey grabs a handful Later that night Lateysha offers her sunny side ups to Jason While Nat and Ant's make up moment doesn't go to plan The next day, Chidge cuddles his toys while Carley and Jack head to Liverpool And it's not long before Carley spreads her legs Meanwhile, Jenna and Nicole peak in a different way, upstaging Lateysha's debut Leading to the biggest Valleys' bust up Just as Carley stacks it and Chidge goes straight in for the rescue Which clearly paid off Then Jordan gives the girls another chance Sending them off busking in Cardiff Later that night, Jack and Lateysha hook up But Jack's straight back on the pull, leaving Lateysha tampin; After a successful Valleywood night, Jason takes his hunger to the next level Then Chidge finally scores at The Valleys' house party While the rest of the guests get a bit too comfortable And Jack gets a mouthful As Nat packs up, following in Ant's footsteps But there's no time to dwell on Nat's exit, 'cos Natalee and anthony the valleys hookup Jenna's 21st and her boobs 3rd b-day And things get messy onboard the party bus!

Keeping the birthday theme alive the lads get a pair!

While Nat makes her comeback just in time To witness Jason give Jenna's boobs a snuffle shuffle And Chidge behave like all HIS birthdays have come at once! Meanwhile, Jack gets hosed off before heading to the cwtch Leaving Lateysha fresh faced for her music video shoot! That night, a house divide starts And things get personal when Nicole calls Lateysha fat!

Relationship Timeline

After an eventful EP last week, the gang find out they're off to Dublin to perform their new single! It didn't stop there as Chidgey decided to confess his feelings to Carley and finally make it official!

It was soon back to business when the gang re-united and the crowd was rocked by Nicole's Irish dancing. In true Valleywood style, the tone soon turned from a cheering crowd, to an absolute sex show! Finishing off in true tradition, with Nicole being whisked away by an ambulance.

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