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Prasooti tantra sexual health


Stone Mountain, GA, So, what exactly is tantra? Tantra as it is seen in the West is very different from the original ways it was practiced. It is essentially a tradition in which awakening is pursued through embodiment vs. In the West it has been mostly pursued for its emphasis on using sexual union as one of the vehicles to awakening enlightenment.

In reality, only a small portion of tantra has anything to do with sex, and only as a way to merge with the divine. There is a much larger tantric discipline that deals with allowing all feelings to be met with equal acceptance, and for each person to become deeply sensitive to what they are feeling. Subsequently, they are then able to feel others and their needs. Sessions are individualized depending on what the person or couple needs.

These days I mostly Prasooti tantra sexual health groups. Both in sessions and workshops there is no sexually explicit touching, no nudity and strict rules to ensure safety and maximum freedom in applying the techniques used. All the practices I teach are energetic in nature and can be done fully clothed. In personal sessions I might give the couple homework and Prasooti tantra sexual health. In workshops Prasooti tantra sexual health teach how to create intimacy and how to revive or increase sexual chemistry.

Do people come to you to experience more pleasure? Some people have traumatic, habitual, societal or other closures in their body that prevent them from experiencing pleasure. Some people just have not experienced pleasure yet.

Some people want to enhance the intimacy, connection, and pleasure they have. We mostly see what our Prasooti tantra sexual health do and then fumble through our first few relationships.

Life these days is increasingly disconnected and often the emphasis in relationships is on making money or raising kids—intimacy only becomes a goal when the relationship already suffers. Can you explain the masculine and feminine aspects, and how this becomes distorted as we age as a couple? Each human has both masculine and feminine in them. The feminine in men and women alike enjoys the flow of life and love, revels in the ability to enjoy beauty, nature, textures, colors, and experiences.

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Fullness is the feminine principle. Sexually speaking, the partner with a feminine essence enjoys the aspects of surrender, dissolution, and being ravished. The masculine in men and women Prasooti tantra sexual health enjoys the forward motion of directed action and purpose. The masculine principle is emptiness. Men and women have both Prasooti tantra sexual health, but in a polarized meaning sexually oriented relationship one partner takes on the feminine expression and one takes on the more masculine expression and the radical differences in orientation create a strong arc of sexual polarity.

In long term relationships, partners often "Prasooti tantra sexual health" very much the same—we start to like the same things, do the same things—over time, the couple resonates rather than polarizes and hence has less sexual chemistry. How do you create sexual chemistry? Gender has very little to do with polarity practices. The only important thing is that one partner animates one end of the spectrum, while the other partner goes as far to the other end as possible for the sake of the strong arc of polarity.

Polarity works like physics, with easily applicable rules that can produce polarity almost instantly. In workshops I can teach these techniques and Prasooti tantra sexual health strangers can effortlessly produce polarity. Here are a couple of examples that I encounter frequently—keep in mind that there is no issue if you and your partner want to be friends.

More and more women these days work out of the home—and as a matter of course, they spend their days in the masculine aspect, making decisions and directing others. They might want to do this by having a glass of wine, taking a bath, chatting with a friend, their mother, or Prasooti tantra sexual health children, or downloading their husband on their day. And this becomes a source of disconnect and dissonance: A few things need to happen first, though, in order to create the ideal tension rather than dislocation.

First, understanding that this polarity needs some time to happen is essential, as it adds a filter of acceptance. Second, both parties need to own their individual aspects. What needs to happen to create ideal sexual tension again, a non-issue if you just want to be buddies for the eveningis for the husband to direct the wife when she steps through the door to have a glass of wine, or a bath, or to go relax and change. He is directing her to get full. There needs to be that separation—getting full and getting empty—before they can come together again fully charged.

For many reasons, the onus of making dinner is often on women, which feels unfair, particularly for women who work outside the home—after making decisions all day, I often hear that the last thing they want to do when they leave work is to figure out what to make, order, or book. Women like it when a man plans a date, and directs the activities of the evening.

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But as relationships carry on, more and more of this falls on women. There was a fascinating study a few years ago that found that in marriages where men do more, or an equal amount of housework, the couple have less sex. Understandably, this study got a tremendous amount of pick-up, and many women felt like it undermined an equality that had been decades in the making. My guess is that in marriages where there is a more equal split, there is greater friendship.

So here is the Prasooti tantra sexual health For many women, the idea of coming home from work and being greeted at the door by a smiling, apron-clad husband actually feels disconcerting—even though the idea of a husband who makes dinner is very appealing.

However, with a subtle shift—coming home to a husband who directs you to have a glass of wine while he finishes up dinner prep suddenly sounds quite sexy. Substitute in calling in an order, making a reservation, picking up take-out. The direction—the assumption of the masculine aspect—is a subtle but essential necessity. Biologically, women are not inclined to have sex Prasooti tantra sexual health a man they do not trust—and trust Prasooti tantra sexual health mean many things.

It can mean dishonesty, but it can also revolve around competency. Interestingly, in my marriage, and in the marriages of many of my clients, guys are not as good at directions and navigating. This is a situation my husband and I would have all the time.

It was unattractive all around.

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Now we have a system in place that is empowering: We get in the car, he turns to me, and he tells me to tell him where to go. He is directing me to direct him. Each relationship has a purpose, spoken or unspoken. For instance, you might get together "Prasooti tantra sexual health" have children, build a community, create a partnership in which you also pursue business together, come together to experience sexual expansion, personal growth, or just plain fun.

The more we can define the relational purpose, the more clarity and definition we can apply to the way we love, have sex, and create. Often relationships get stale when the purpose is not defined "Prasooti tantra sexual health" has changed in one partner. Once you are aligned in your relational purpose you can create the practices and actions that support the deepening and growth you desire.

Each human has masculine and feminine aspects with them. To be a full and deep human being it is important to express both. That does not mean we need to live there all the time, but it is the place we return to when we want to recharge and it is the disposition we offer our lover as a gift to create passion. If you have a masculine essenceyou prefer the structure of time and space over the wild chaos of Prasooti tantra sexual health. You enjoy spiritual pursuits that bring you towards emptiness, and activities that result in a blissful moment of nothingness.

You enjoy creating schedules, objectives, and accomplishing goals. Your whole life is aligned with your purpose. If you have a feminine essenceyou love the chaotic swirl of life, nature, bliss, color, texture, flavor, and communion.

You love to relate, exchange, dance, celebrate, adorn and deepen into the fullness of existence. Like an artist or a musician you practice the offering of your gift. As a masculine essence, you deepen into meditation to still your mind, exercise to strengthen your body, breath, and stamina.

You relax into being unwavering in the face of chaos and learn how to take charge, guide well, and pursue your purpose with integrity. As a feminine essence you relax into the ever changing swirls of emotion and texture, movement, and sound. You practice experiencing pleasure in your body and showing that pleasure to your chosen partner. You cultivate ways to move energy through your body and learn how to become responsive and give instant feedback.

Open and relax your body, then have some humor. Breath is life force. Breath is also the vehicle of connection and bodily communication.

Learn how to breathe into your belly, not just into your chest. Let your belly expand, which brings energy into your lower body where sex actually happens…Once you know how to breathe without constriction you can breathe together and create depth "Prasooti tantra sexual health" incredible connection.

Our eyes are really the windows to our souls. Falling into each other through eye contact, while our bodies are Prasooti tantra sexual health and unguarded is delicious and yes, a bit scary.

Hang out there for a bit and you will find that this can be as good as sex!

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