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Im sexy and i know it remix to ignition


Writing a good "weekend" song is hard to pull off. I fear that the guy who prompted me to begin this thread will say "Nonsense! Anybody can write a good 'weekend' song! Until then, I'll note that many, many "weekend" songs are released each year, but very few of them actually poke their heads above the surface. This is because most of them sound forced. R Kelly's greatest gift is his ability to sound natural; engaged; genuine. Even when he's singing in a very mannered fashion.

How is this song in particular a good "weekend" song? For starters, there's the delay in mentioning the weekend. Not so "Ignition - Remix. But to return to the lyric - what could be funnier than R Kelly's ongoing project of writing new lyrics in which to identify that the version you're hearing is a remix?

Think R Kelly doesn't know that that's funny? Where the hell's my boy Trife, he knows what that kind of thinking is called: Of course Kelly knows that it's funny to lead of a chorus with a line like "this is the remix to ignition. More on this momentarily. He knows his audience, and his audience Im sexy and i know it remix to ignition him to keep it light when he's making a party song. That's what this is about. Here's where that "more on this momentarily" comes in. Your neighborhood probably wasn't Kelly's poor midwestern block, right?

Of course it was! Because he goes to great pains to universalize that neighborhood, not through long dull paragraphs like these you're presently reading, but by the miraculously casual tone in which he delivers songs that are anything but casual. Try "The World's Greatest": That's there by design. It sells you exactly what you're accusing Kelly doing accidentally: Therefore, R Kelly has won and the terrorists have lost. "Im sexy and i know it remix to ignition," good God, they say what critical theory thought they'd say: Which is joy itself!

The song has absorbed its creators, its listeners, everybody!

Anyway, lovely, John, except the thing about "World's Greatest" is that he does that thing where suddenly he's turned into Sam Cooke, and while that's not nearly a bad thing I still have this reaction where I go "WTF, why is R Im sexy and i know it remix to ignition turning to Sam Cooke? This also has to do with the fact that there's this guy who used to sing in the Chicago subways and was basically a really good Sam Cooke impersonator, and I start feeling like he's on the radio, and that's also disorienting.

Yeah, Al, that's a good one. Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like he's been through some shit on this song? Maybe that's my projecting real life onto the song. There's just way too much soul for a song about downing mix drinks, and you can almost here him trying.

I mean, it sounds like he really needs to have fun this freakin' weekend or he's gonna stress out. Actually, that's only in part of the song, and that juxtaposed with his obvious lust for partying has a great effect. It occurs to me I've not heard this song. He spreads the melodies through the lines, in fact he carries the flow of a particular harmony across a whole verse like Dose One, I guess.

I like the colour scheme in the video - it stood out on MTV 'thru ma 'fro' - wordplay. That synth line in the background of the chorus! It sounds like the Human League! It's like each device calls a bit of attention to itself because the overall production is so sparse by contemporary standards. The asides in the lyrics: I have to say this song fills me with a slight bit of hometown pride I know someone who went to R.

Sexy And I Know It...

When in fact he does normally do this - unless there's some Ignition Mega-Mix 12" coming we should all be so fortunateKelly is claiming that he doesn't normally release the remix at all, then saying he'll let you hear a little of it, and then just playing it. And, well - precisely: Not the authenticity of "here's my soul," though that's in there, too, and more about it later.

The authenticity of "here's what I got, seems good, I'm not gonna mess with it much more.

The authenticity of excellence is exactly why so many people vomit when other people start goin' on about authenticity. I'm like, so what, I'm drunk. YOu don't even need to own a copy to hear it all the time, just turn on the radio, or if you live in the city open the window. It makes me want to buy a shotgun. Because the video has a degree shot of R.

Because the entire first verse has been reconstructed to sound like it's a prelude to a song that then once the chorus kicks in suddenly exists.

I kiss all of you so much right now. The very second before a Hip Hop artist with a huge 'fro' was about to go on stage came over and confessed his love for the track, knowing that I loved it. A memorable moment for me as it was a risky time, months before the anyone had Im sexy and i know it remix to ignition cover and rhapsodised about it.

It doesn't sound like a 'real' song, rather some studio experiment, or album interlude. There's the sudden change in vocal tone in the chorus, right at "mama rollin' that body" - where R Kelly reveals himself to be not just a consummate soul singer, but a pretty clued-in one.

Loop that damned line. I mean it is him singing, but whose moves is he copping? Oh Christ it's Shaggy, where the hell did that come from?

But hey, what can you do? I actually hear a little bit of Prince in it. I can't be too specific or refer to any particular song though I could hear the backing track fitting in fairly well on Sign O The Timesbut it's a general feeling.

Maybe it's the keyboards.

Sexy And I Know It...

Like the best Prince songs, it has an ability to make you feel vicariously smooth and sexy, even if you are not a particularly smooth or sexy person. Why would anyone doubt that R Kelly has heard some dancehall? That video online anywhere? A dozen disparate elements in play all at once and that's when Kelly throws in the deep emotional vocal timbre that is his unique gift, and it's just where "adamwest" said it was: Lyrics to 'I Am Not A Whore' by LMFAO.

Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO. Sexy And I. Ignition (PRE-KLUB MIX - 60 MINUTES OF NON-STOP MUSIC;(Remix)).

"Sexy And I Know It"...

"Ignition (Remix)" is a song written and produced by American R&B singer R. Kelly.