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How to style hair like tom cruise


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Can I pull off the Tom Cruise hair look? I want a How to style hair like tom cruise haircut, but not too short. Just enough to make me look a little older. Here's what I want. Think I can pull it off?

Pls post "after" flicks. Here is an after pic. I would have tried to talk you into cutting the sides slightly shorter than Tom's. Your hair is thick and has a tendency to get puffy, while Tom's is fine and lays down nicely. So If you get Tom's exact haircut looks like you did then your hair won't react the same way his does.

Your hair will want to stand up at a length that his would want to lay down. So IMO, the best option is to cut the sides shorter, so that they can stand up all they want, while still filling in a pleasing shape see Joseph Gordon Levit's hair in the GQ photo shoot.

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You would also want to style your hair back more. The hair flopping into your face is reminiscent of Howard Wolowitz- this is a huge part of the reason you don't look like Tom. When your hair is freshly washed, blow dry it all back, one small bit at a time part the front of your hair straight over so it lays flat and out How to style hair like tom cruise your way, then take a little at a time from the back of your head and blow dry it back until each section is totally dry.

Pull it tight and straight with the brush while you do this. The heat smooths out the cuticle layer of your hair, and makes your hair pliable, while the brush pulls it straight, so it's not so wavy anymore. It'll be kind of puffy after this. Then apply Redken Rough Paste, sparingly, to your hair.

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This stuff is like instant grime. So after you go through that routine I described above, don't wash your hair that night. Still shower, just don't wash it. Next day, when you have gnarly bed head, still don't wash it, but instead just get it a little bit wet in the problem areas, and blow dry it there again.

Touch it up, and let yesterday's product and natural oils roll with you today.

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Maybe don't wash your hair tonight, either. I usually tell my clients not to wash their hair until they can smell it. I hope this helps. AndrewDoesHairMar 23, I actually did go shorter, just didn't post!

I'm going to get it even shorter next time, I was just afraid to go so short after having hair past the ears for many years. So I've found that in addition to using light hold styling gel all around, a pea-sized dab of strong hold gel spread on the teeth of a fine comb brushed up against the roots of the forehead's hair can help with that for the whole day without getting a wet look.

Here's what it looks like now! Not bad, but How to style hair like tom cruise much hair on the sides. Tom Cruise has a more square face; the one above looks too round with such thick sides.

Okay, so I went shorter.

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