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Do heroic strikes have matchmaking


Matchmaking for heroic strikes. Im a huge noob when it comes to destiny, this is my first real run and im only power level 20 so bare with me. Are heroic strikes matchmaking or not? It says they are but everytime i que up it just says searching for a second literally then starts immediately.

Idk what to do at this point im tired of grinding regular strikes. Yea it has matchmaking but it would be nearly impossible at light. Heroic strikes are currently harder than night falls. They are matchmaking but it may not be matching you because you are too far below the recommended level.

Try leveling up a bit more before trying them. I expect even if you did get into a fireteam most people would leave as not wanting to carry you through as they are quite challenging you are also currently under levelled for activity. Do public events to level up.

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That's what I did. You are not high enough level to do Heroic Strikes yet and your team would end up carrying you.

I think at that level it's most likely that the enemies are immune to you since you're so low of a light level so you won't be able to do any damage anyway. I went in below LL once with a friend completely forgetting the level requirement and all the enemies were immune from me.

Until this point, neither of...

The third person that was in was in the s LL and they did zero damage as well too. Grind public events, quests, adventures or whatever else until you hit the soft cap after mods. Once you hitthen run heroics until you hit with mods. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Have you run dozens or...

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