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Element used in hookup rocks crossword


Lewis Roth lein Relative difficulty: Dramatic ending to a performance Her most recent books include EcoMind: The NYT is just Here's a BEQ version of this theme from two years ago. And here's a David Kwong version from last year from Element used in hookup rocks crossword best daily you're not doing, and possibly the best daily puzzle period, at the moment: This wasn't terrible fun to solve. I am not at all a big fan of randomly question-marked themers? I mean, if they're all "?

I was like "is this a fad diet? Is the vinegar making the model barf? I'll just keep going.

Mordo - Crossword clue |...

It's a world capital, so it's fair game, but I'll confess it was just a string of letters to me. Another string of letters more familiar, far less pleasant was OBLAthe kind of answer that makes me want to quit crosswords and take up, I don't know, whittling or something.

I guessed right, but still: KOED is also, even more, bad. Like, I keep looking at it, expecting it to suddenly look like a word to me, but so far no dice. I fought with my podcast cohost about this horrible answer recently.

As a Tigers fan, I reject this puzzle on the basis of that snub alone though I "Element used in hookup rocks crossword" stand by everything else I said. This was on the tough side of medium for me. Yes, KOED just looks weird. Liked it more than Rex did. This played very hard for me. No fun at all.

Right there with you. It was my last entry, I had to run the alphabet and, of course, it finally clicked at my 26th guess. I have never seen a sportswriter write "koed. Those were really lucky guesses. Hand up for questioning the spelling of KOED vs.

Nice challenge for a Thursday, after yesterday's so-so effort. I enjoyed this puzzle. It was difficult to figure out in a lot of places. I had the revealer well before the themers.

Half of the clues Element used in hookup rocks crossword easy so I had a skeletal looking grid before I filled things in. The Z for the cards and the deli was the toughest part. It looked natural for the deli but I only had this vague hunch for the cards. After solving I found out I'd annotated it in my Webster's the last time it showed up. Even when you've forgotten writing something down it can help you recognize it when you see it again.

EEN has never been clued as a contraction of "indeed". It's always meant even or evening, am I missing something? This was an enjoyable solve to a clean grid so no complaints.

It's a crossword puzzle, do it for fun or just don't.

Greetings folks! Thank you for...

Well Element used in hookup rocks crossword, I quite enjoyed this. My time was like a themeless puzzle, and Filled in a fair bit of the top rows without having any idea of theme. Lewis, did you submit a C. Lewis har clue for that? However, I'm guessing that the BEN clue was introduced in the editing process. I had a copy of "Diet For a Small Planet" back in college.

Struggled with this Thursday effort. I was certain that the supermodel diet consisted of a Tic Tac and a cigarette. Can we lay to rest that whole "MIC" or "mike" argument? I guess COAL is the new renewable energy source. I thought it was dirty and expensive, but what do I know? As long as those dinosaurs keep dying, we're good.

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As I remember, I mansplained like the background and the Obama out thing, but she was probably looking for me to misuse the singular "they. The clue is "Start of a Beatles title. We've all got different wheelhouses. Yeah yeah, my age is showing. Rex, thanks Element used in hookup rocks crossword the Beastie Boys hookup. Randy Watson of course. This played like a medium Saturday for me. Hit the southeast first so had the "mic drop" fairly quickly, but it didn't help at all.

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