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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Mayor Duterte's Political Ideologies as a Strategy: Prelude to being a President. Socialism and his left-wing political views greatly influenced his strategy in dealing with the affairs of the city he ruled for more than twenty years.

Now as the Head of State, he remains to have the same set of political ideologies that shape his actions and decisions concerning the Filipino people under his administration.

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The purpose of this research is to shed light to people all over the world as to why the current Philippine President has an unconventional strategy in administering all matters of the entire Filipino nation.

This research aims to provide better and clearer understanding on how Mr. Duterte's political ideologies affected his tactics and approaches in his political career during his rule as a Mayor of Davao City, and now as the Philippine Supreme Leader. The aspects explored in this research paper are the socialist and leftist sides of Mr.

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Duterte as a political leader, his way of governance as a mayor, his early presidency, as well as an analysis on his political standpoint on certain issues with regards to his position and ideologies. Through data analysis of documentary videos and written report, the research team was able to assess former Mayor Duterte's political ideologies used as a strategy, and provide answers on why and how he was able to continue his socialist and leftist views in managing a whole country.

Ultimately, the very essence of this research is to enlighten everyone on what could be in store for Filipinos during President Duterte's "Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung" term, since this paper provides facts and evaluation on his previous and current rule. The desire to have an The effectiveness of a national government, or a effective government free from corruption with successful administration of a state will always be peace and order all over the Philippine archipelago attributed to the highest ranking political leader of is expected by all Filipino citizens to be fulfilled the land - which is the President or the Head of by the elected Head of State.

The current, as well State in the Philippine set-up. Over the past few as the 16th President of the Philippines, Rodrigo decades, the Filipinos have always yearned for a Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung Duterte is no exception. Merriam-Webster approval ratings of President Duterte as of defines a leftist as a person who advocates and December, by Pulse Asia, manifested that adheres to the doctrines, principles and views of most Filipinos still believe that President Duterte's the left.

Left-wing is a political ideology, defined strategy is effective in administering the affairs of as the portion of the political spectrum associated the whole country. His successful seven terms as a in general with egalitarianism and popular or state former Davao City Mayor, with all the control of the major institutions of political and achievements he brought to the said city, is one of economic life, which tends to regard social welfare the factors why many expect him to be an effective as the most important goal of government Supreme Leader.

In one of Mr. Ang akong partido Bayan. I am really of his six-year term as the Head of State. My party is Bayan. I will not deny that. Before assuming presidency, President Rodrigo Duterte had served seven terms as Mayor of Davao Mayor Digong advocated peace and order with City, which ranked as fourth safest city in the dealing with the leftists, and had compromised world and first in Asia in In addition to politically to benefit the said left-wing populist being a former Congressman and vice-mayor, he is group, manifesting his focus on fostering a lawyer by profession as well as a former relationships Laya and Marquez, It had prosecutor, who held the chair of the Mayor for also been reported several times during his term as twenty-two years.

He had also facilitated the release of and effective. Another economic and social issues Dallas Learning proof of the said beneficial relationship was Cloud, Duterte, left-wing and appointing representatives of the Lumad and Moro communities as vice-mayors by Mayor Digong. His legacy was notable for it was able to transform the city with this kind Socialism, the standard leftist ideology, accepts the of leadership.

However, when Rodrigo Duterte Espejo, Malcolm Guyan anti-imperialist activist, Being inclined with politics for almost thirty years, wrote an online journal about former Mayor Bilveer Sing labelled Duterte as a game- Duterte being a socialist and stated that "Duterte changer of Mindanao.

According to his study, his has been strongly supportive of marginalized twenty two long years as mayor of Davao brought minorities, including Moro Muslims and their call drastic change to the city. Former Mayor year of He strived for restoring and Duterte may have displayed sexist attitude towards maintaining law and order though these times were women, but he had been active in providing good troublesome for it was the pre-martial law years.

Moreover, his following terms proved his will as strongman. He projection of tough-talking behavior that also was also able to give more than seven land mark perceives the concept of paternalism in ruling Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung for the city as part of maintaining toward his constituents with addition of personal peace and order.

Other than this, Duterte formulate power. It is also defined that a strongman is known a framework for social services and disaster by its readiness to initiate force to punish protection awareness. Lastly, the research few of the many.

Thus, this proved that Duterte has team reviewed "The Early Duterte Presidency in the strongman concept as he entered the politics. Duterte's transition from being a position was notched up through all his attainments Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung to becoming a President who still has the for the twenty two long years as mayor.

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Statement of the Problem Review of Related Literature Bigger responsibilities and greater The research group gathered supporting ideas and challenges await President Rodrigo Duterte now information from scholarly articles, journals and that he is running a country and governing a whole studies that are helpful in strengthening the nation, compared to the city he once ruled.

Mayor, and in supporting his claims of being a Through this study, the researchers aim to provide leftist. In studying President Duterte as a socialist answers to the following problems: A Socialist in Disguise?

Duterte as a leftist and socialist. The following documentary For this paper, qualitative method of videos were used by the research team for data research is utilized. Analysis of the different analysis: Leadership, able to gather data for this research.

The nationwide, but even across the world.

The interview Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte centered on the current affairs regarding expressed his achievements in his short the peace talks and plans under the Duterte time governance as the President of the administration with the communist groups Republic of the Philippines. Particularly, in the country. Heydarian's this interview revolves on how he was able insights and commentary on the rift to carry out his manifestos as Davao City between President Duterte and the Mayor into his presidency.

It also included controversial issues about Although main points of the interview the police force of the country, briefly were concerning on his program over explained by the interviewee. The drugs and criminality, parts on how he was researchers used the Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung gathered able to flourish Davao City and how he from this video to further assess and implements his strategy then and now will analyze President Duterte's strategy as a be used to support the objective of the leftist in his early presidency.

Significant achievements, intensifying Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung October, This documentary expressed the progress of Davao City when the city was This is a short documentation of under the rule of Duterte.

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Through all his National People's Summit's report on the achievement back from his first term as a status of the People's Agenda during mayor to his last term, it was showed how President Duterte's first days in office.

This report past administration and how he would also includes an assessment on the addressed it. Moreover, Duterte uttered his performance of President Duterte's plans being aligned with what was his administration in his first days; system in Davao. According to the documentary Kaming mga sosyalista, para kami sa tao I am a titled The Legacy of Duterte, it stated that the socialist, not a communist.

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Yearning the LGBT community. In the yearhe achievements even in his first term until Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung last criticized the Commission on Election for removing the Ang Ladlad Partylist, a group which term was a proof of success.

Now on his represents the Filipino gays and lesbians. Thus, he presidency, Duterte was able to carry out his ideologies as mayor in order to make a framework implemented an ordinance in the year of success, like what he Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung in Davao. She was a widow of activist walang binabastos na bakla. Kasi ayaw ko sa Alexander Orcullo. In Davao, no gay person is ideology has been always visible.

In the yeardisrespected. In relation to Anti-Discrimination Ordinance, Duterte has always have a soft-heart for For his long seven-year term as mayor, the indigenous people.

Him being a leftist and socialist brought wherein different tribe had their appointed deputy the city into a wider perspective of thriving to mayor. Because of this Lumads and Muslims success.

Thus, this deduce on how on his present community were given a formal representation and administration may go as he wield his ideology to had their rights.

The ordinance also organized the his prelude as president.

His platform of restoring and reorganizing the city government has been the Duterte's Aspirations for the Philippines framework and backbone of what he developed for Davao City. President Duterte's last words on his interview with Rappler's Maria Ressa were, "I love To further flourish this success, he drafted my country.

This Duterte has a deep love for his motherland which helped to boost up the investment rates in Davao is not only expressed through these simple words City. As part of the plan, the barangay also set but also in his actions. Through this, the city hit a billion Even before he decided to run for president, vessel mark in items of local revenues. Aside from Duterte had been verbal on his plans for the whole increase of investment rates, Duterte implemented country if ever he becomes the president.

With another landmark legislation which was the Child strong conviction, he said, "And I said I will stop Development Code, it is pertained to Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung children corruption. I will stop criminality.

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I will fix who are in need of their basic necessities, most government. Poverty is an he had the interview with Maria Ressa, where he incurable disease yet it could be lessen. In Davao was able to give statements that prove how much City, it is part of the year comprehensive plan change he wanted to bring to the entire country, enforced by Duterte and through pygmy, it makes even though he was still indecisive in his it way towards success.

When he was asked by Maria Ressa whether he could translate everything he As a self proclaimed leftist, Duterte learned in Davao to a national stage, the former sympathizes with the left.

We do not make any special yearhe was running as a re-elected mayor. It had immediately through actions. Duterte always a prefix. The problem is these rebel my birth. All we have to do is continues to use his political ideologies in his just keep the peace, and if at all you have Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung be strategy now as the Supreme Leader, is the fact friendly with them or else I cannot go to the that he has aspirations for the Philippines which mountains.

It is clear that Duterte have had the Duterte administration was resumption of the aspirations for the entire country even when he was peace talks with the National Democratic Front of still a mayor; and now that he's the President, the Philippines NDFP.

I do not Comprehensive Agreement on believe in the armed struggle. I do not kill Respect for Human Rights Pagdating ng panahon karaoke minus one kung Filipinos. You'd think they were in peace talks forward with the NDFP, which were government, the way they make premised on addressing the root causes of the demands" Heydarian, What enraged the armed conflict as a way of achieving a just peace. President were the rebels' constant and series of demands on concessions before the conclusion of a Unfortunately, not long after his framework agreement and implementation of days as the Head of State, President Duterte had a confidence-building measures and even after the rift with the revolutionary groups, in which both government released top communist leaders.

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