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What is a Tunisian girl like? Aug 3, Messages: Hi everyone, I know, this probably not the best place to post this here, but I couldn't find a place to post it. Maybe from your experience with Tunisian male rats and Tunisian people in general, could help?

Pretty much lived abroad in USA. I met a Tunisian flight attendant girl on a 12 hours flight two days ago. We had a very intelligent chat for hours, and before I dive into the details of what exactly happened, I would really like to hear from you, if I should continue with details or maybe answer my question what the title says. Aug 9, Messages: Hi midd We need more "Tunisian ladies" to be able to advise you.

Apr 28, Messages: Living in Tunisia -- mixing with all sorts Tunisian ladies people from the richest to the poorest, I'd say that like everywhere else there are all sorts Mdd.

I f you want Tunisian ladies give a little more detail, then perhaps I can be a little more specific. Thanks for your reply Professor Let me dive into the details, but before I start, my main goal is to understand what happened, and Tunisian ladies put my mind at piece.

You may probably find this a teenager story, but I like to understand people and my self and what went wrong. So here it is: I'm an engineer, and while hacking on my laptop, a flight attendant approached me, asking what project I was working on, I told her, and we had Tunisian ladies fast chat.

Later I found out that she has a Masters degree in my field of work. After that, we both started making long eye contact with smiles, whenever me or her cross each other.

But after I noticed how she intentionally tries to stumble upon me, I kinda loosened a bit. I actually wanted that Anyways, she approached me again, rested on an empty armrest next to my seat When the lights Tunisian ladies off, and passengers started resting and we had a fun long chat her education, mine, her work, mine and worked together on my machine.

In fact, she kept leaning Tunisian ladies me Usually Tunisian ladies don't do that to each other?! Then, we had another chat her personal life, mine at the galley, where she saw me going to the rest rooms, and I knew that she would be outside waiting for me for another chat.

Actually I can't remember how many times we talked or Tunisian ladies on each other. All her co-workers noticed, they all started giving me and her an eye contact and smiling.

I didn't want it to be publicized like this, but it did This time, I started asking personal questions, like, her name, if she's single and started flirting. She's same my age by the way She welcomed my questions, replied and asked me the same questions. Everything was smooth, this time I really wanted to give her my business card, but I was too afraid that she may might find it rude or something. I never met a Tunisian girl before So, I didn't. Ten minutes before landing, she went to the back section she works at First Class and Business Classand during that time I decided to give her my business card before I go out of the plane.

Unfortunately, she didn't show up at the exit she was in Tunisian ladies back sectionso I left my business card on my seat. I find it really hard for someone to notice the place of the card, because I Tunisian ladies want any of the co-workers notice and left the plane.

At the airport, I was lost first time in this airportthen by coincidence I find myself heading to the same place where she's at with her crew. When she saw me, she started starring at me, no smiles no facial expression, just starring If I remember correctly, she even Tunisian ladies biting her nails.

I looked at her and I wanted to smile, but I acted like if I didn't see her, and I Tunisian ladies behind Tunisian ladies pillar acting to ask someone. I got really confused. We even stumbled across each other with her co-workers and again I acted like if I didn't see her, because I got pretty confused due to her starring reaction I mentioned above. I would've come to her and talked, but she wasn't alone.

But she did neither. I would really like to know what could possibly went wrong? She's Tunisian - Maybe I got the wrong impression? But she knew how I was looking at her, and I know how she looked at me "Tunisian ladies" Maybe there is something about Tunisians Girls Tunisian ladies I don't know about? And do I have to accept the fact that she's gone? I can get her contact information and send her some flowers.

I apologize for the long poor writing. I'm pretty much confused. If it matters, we both are 26 years old. Nov 8, Messages: Hi mdd, welcome here. I Tunisian ladies it's best to forget about her, as her behaviour was so NOT decent for a Tunisian woman and her reaction afterwards raising lots Tunisian ladies questions.

LaurenceAug 4, Jul 13, Messages: I can tell u about my experience with Tunisian girl she was classmate at that timeshe left me to start a relationship with her teacheronly because he told her "don't worry hun ur marks will be excellent with me ". Thank you all for your time and support! I will try to reply to each one of you whenever I can. Jun 13, Messages: NpkAug 4, Sorry that was nt very helpfull.

The country just overturned a...

Alienmarilynawallah and 2 others like Tunisian ladies. Dec 9, Messages: HeidiAug 5, Midd, I feel that you don't want to hear the truth As I live in Tunisia for more than 20 years already I can assure you that Tunisia is only superficially modern and that traditions and religious influence is huge in daily life No girl would ever let Tunisian ladies good marriage pass by because of studies! In fact lots of 20 plus female students are already married while still studying at university, their parents do even prefer them to be married when still studying, as this will "guarantee" her Tunisian ladies behaviour!

But well, you asked information, I gave you what I know to be the truth. LaurenceAug 5, Midd, having read your story now, I can give an opinion, but doubt that it will be one that you wish to hear. Firstly, I will say that you need to heed what NP and L have said. Both have strong connections to Tunisia, L like me living there. I see the type of Tunisian woman you have mentioned frequently -- and they are not one that I "Tunisian ladies" ever describe as a good type.