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Website to rate ex boyfriends


What would happen if someone compiled a public profile documenting this, a dating dossier that I had no control over? It might be an account of the time that I cheated, a litany of everything I have ever been late for, the total amount of money that has been spent paying off exasperated taxi drivers who Website to rate ex boyfriends me drunk and vomiting.

But if I wanted to list my problems with my former partners, I could do so using dating app Lulu. The free app has just launched in the UK, following success in the US it had overusers after two months, and a 60 per cent retention rate. Simply, it allows women to anonymously comment on the men they know and have dated.

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The app is designed exclusively for women so they can anonymously research any man they're interested in dating. The dashboard on the UK version of the Lulu Website to rate ex boyfriends. They can post photos of the men, write reviews and list the best and worst things about their character, style and sense of humour. You don't rate the men yourself marks out of ten this is notinstead you take a multiple choice quiz and the app works out their score.

But is this fair?

Lulu has plenty of criticswho accuse it of shaming men. There has even been a lawsuit against it in Brazil. Lulu founder Alexandra Chong Photo: I thought it would be wonderful if more people could access that information.

We want to keep things healthy and positive, and get the tone right. The app allows women to 'rate' men via a multiple choice quiz. How Lulu looks for Brits matesovermuff. Could it be that the positives including safety for women could outweigh the negative the potential shaming of men? Women are afraid that men will kill them.

Website, Lulu (formerly Luluvise)...

She is passionate about making the world better for women, both in dating and as a woman in tech. When every other aspect of our internet lives gets a digital rating, why not apply it to the men we meet?

Lulu wouldn't have worked in a pre-Tinder world Alamy. Even the Tinder working culture has had its problems, with co founder Whitney Wolfe suing her former colleague for harassment.

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