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Lunch time speed dating


In the game of dating, speed dating and set up dates have been taboo for the longest time. Even for me, a Gen Y-er. I wish I did not have to Lunch time speed dating so brutal, but when the need arose I became the worst he could have imagined. As if the planets had aligned and Cupid decided to take me on a ride, the option of speed dating opened up for me.

Usually, a date would be tea and a movie, or just lunch. Depending on what works, I would advise starting off with one without too much forced interaction, just to get the hang of things.

How about 8 fun lunch...

At 23, I suppose this was an experience scarier than trying to pass my driving test for the first time in the skimpiest skirt ever. This is what you should know before a speed-dating session. Generally, there are three groups of participants: I suppose I fell into the second category.

Lunch time speed dating -...

I was curious about how this would work and was open to the possibilities of friendships thereafter. It was easy to suss the first type out — those people dive straight into the 5Cs, partner qualities and personal information like landed or HDB. There is always the chance to get his number after the game to reignite the chemistry.