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Alphabetical order for the titles has been maintained in the various sections of the catalogue. During the course of its now substantial history 21 editionsa rich succession of events that has given us great satisfaction, our Festival has shown itself always able to overcome moments of difficulty encountered on the way and there have been plenty…and it has always raised the curtain punctually in early January for its public, the city and world of film enthusiasts.

To the extent of its available resources and the quality of the film production of the year under examination, it has always succeeded in meeting expectations.

I hope that the same will be true Battute squallide brevi yahoo dating year, despite the many problems that have weighed as never before on our preparatory work: We have concentrated the programme into the two auditoria Cinema Ariston and Teatro Miela that were used along with the Excelsior in preceding editions, and in which we have always felt at home, as they offer the guarantee of a scrupulous and trustworthy working collaboration.

This adjustment to the programme does not affect the three. It is our firm intention to terminate the project, which has shown itself to be of great value and significance for highlighting the major contribution made to cinema by the city of Trieste. It will be our pledge to find new forms of collaboration for this research, Battute squallide brevi yahoo dating already for the next edition.

Rivedremo La dolce vita dopo la presentazione del documentario Noi che abbiamo fatto La dolce vita, ultimo film cui Tullio aveva partecipato direttamente come sceneggiatore. Il 27 gennaio il palinsesto trova il modo di ricordare con un piccolo programma speciale anche la Giornata della memoria.

In the careful shoehorning of our sizeable programme into just two auditoria, there is nevertheless room also for an affectionate homage to Tullio Kezich, who is no longer amongst us with his inexhaustible irony, and who we are happy to have deservedly honoured two years ago with an original retrospective and important book. We will see La dolce vita once again, following the presentation of the documentary, Noi che abbiamo fatto La dolce vita, the last film in which Tullio had participated directly with a screenplay.

In Barzellette Toste troverai le...

This is the only abridged film version of the masterpiece by Hrabal approved by the Czech writer; indeed, he appears in the film in a walk-on role alongside an extraordinary Philippe Noiret. On January 27, the programme will also recall the Holocaust Memorial Day with a small special programme. What seemed almost a miracle has actually been the result of patient teamwork, so that despite the logistical contraction of this year, we have kept everything we considered essential, everything we liked, that we wanted as ever to pass on to those who follow our activities and trust in us, so that once again — and despite the unfavourable circumstances — that rich puzzle that yearly summarises a wide-ranging and complex cinematographic survey should be assembled.

A programme that we "Battute squallide brevi yahoo dating" put together in a year of collective work, marked by infinite hours of scrutinising films, journeys abroad to find new material, and hundreds and hundreds of new works of all sorts, format and duration that have arrived at our offices from around the world to be seen and judged.

And how many hours of doubts, second thoughts, reflections before arriving at the final selections, and how many regrets for all those good works that we were lucky enough to discover during our research but which for the most.

Once again, I feel proud, with all the curators responsible for the single sections, to present a programme of great worth, and one that is bold in its choices and in the proposals of new names, responsive to the originality of the languages and the topicality of subjects; a selection within which continuous, subtle and unexpected associations are created between one section and another, as human and social needs as well as in response to the demands of artistic expression.

The detailed introductory notes by the curators, whom I wish to thank for the excellence of their work, speak better than I can of the contents of the programme. I also wish to express my esteem for all the members of the Battute squallide brevi yahoo dating who have the demanding responsibility of curating all the organisational aspects, the delicate sectors of administration, reception, image, public relations and our important contact with the world outside Battute squallide brevi yahoo dating of cinema.

In the name of the Associazione Alpe Adria Cinema, I wish to express my sincere thanks to all the bodies that have so far enabled us to work and progress in our activity of cultural production with an international bias; activities which we believe have contributed more than a little to enrich the culture on offer in the region.

I hope, therefore, that the financial sacrifices that we will have to make in will not be so severe as to alter the meaning and form of what we have so far produced in the name of this Region and City. And in the name of the Association, I express our gratitude "Battute squallide brevi yahoo dating" all the friends sponsors, partners, supporters and volunteers who are at our side in this long and exciting adventure, to the national.

Buon Festival e buon col cinema che amiamo! Cinema is a complex art; it is reflection, emotion, testimony, narrative, memory, group work, effort, experience, anger, history, even when entertaining. Membro del consiglio direttivo del Coordinamento europeo dei festival di cinema, tiene corsi di Storia e teoria del cinema, Sceneggiatura e Management culturale.

Born in in Tallinn, Estonia. In she founded Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and has remained the festival director up to the present day.

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