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God is good god is great song


Years ago, when my family gathered around the dinner table, I was the one who said grace.

Not because I knew the Lord, but because I knew this simple prayer:. All through my childhood, I spoke these truths, even before I understood them: I was waiting to board a plane for home, when a conversation caught my ear. Clearly disappointed, he said good-bye, then watched the older woman head for the plane. Smiles were exchanged, and a warm glow settled on those who were close enough to witness the uncommon scene.

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His goodness, His mercy, His kindness pouring through us. Tempted as I am to take credit whenever I manage to do something right, I know where the prompting — and the power — comes from. He alone deserves the praise. Heavenly Father, in a world that grows darker by the hour, Your goodness remains a beacon of hope. What does the goodness of God mean to you? Take a second to share God is good god is great song thoughts below.

Your comments will bless us all! It is our honor, privilege, and obligation as believers. The fruit of the spirit should be in our daily lives. It is what I teach my boys age 6 and Goodness is one of God is good god is great song many attributes of God. It is part of His very character. Hence He cannot act in any way that is not good because then He would be changeable which we are told He is not in Malachi.

Nahum states in chapter 1 verse 7, that the lord is good. It continues to amaze me that this good God loves and cares for someone like me who is not good. He not only loves and cares for mebut He sacrificed His life on the cross, to forgive me, cleanse me from my sins, to make me a part of His forever Family.

Who is like this Good God? He expresses His love through each and every one of us in smiles, waves, hugs, and words. We are His messengers. The Goodness of God. I try to find good each and every day,in my actions and the actions of others, in my words and in my daily life. I want to see others as my Father sees them, through my Fathers eyes.

When I remember God is good god is great song, I see good everyday everywhere, and that good is my Father God,yes He is good, all the time. Losing my Dad almost 24 hours ago has taught me that God has shown me His goodness even unto death.

God is good because in the midst of my chaotic life, He steps in. He humbles me with words from an elderly lady with Dementia entrusted to my care. She reminded me how Great our Savior IS! In all of our despair of being uniquely different; painfully overweight, beautifully designed, I should say!

He warms us tenderly each and every step of His journey with us. He alone, works out our completeness and finishes what He starts in us. Beautiful in every way. By the hands and feet of every Sister-in Him, connected to me today, has brought me Life in an extraordinary way.

The use of your work, daily, is being used to bring life back to many of us. Thank you Liz for offering this daily bread to us, today. Liz I love your positive thoughts every day. Thank you for the beautiful message. I saw God in action this week. Their neighbor said he had just received a bit inheritance and wanted to pay it forward and pay for the repair.

Yes, he was good but God worked thru him to show his goodness. See you at Spencer Christian Church. I would be in a horrible state of mind and heart, if GOD had not come to my rescue!!! Praise His Holy name forever!!!

There she was to remind God is good god is great song and encourage me today!!! I am so thankful that i know her…. Yes, God is good. At the end of the day all we God is good god is great song is Jesus. So many things are going on in this world that are certainly not God pleasing. In fact, I fear that He must be angry. God is in control, no matter what. The goodness of God… a good deed, a smile or kind word to a stranger or a friend.

A helpful hand in a time of need. Thanks so much for your faithful ministry and speaking truth into our busy lives!

God manifests His goodness in so many different ways. One special way is through friends who point you back to Jesus.

God is good all the time, even when I forget He is there. He blesses me everyday in every way…thank you Lord. I thank God he has allowed me to live this long… just like gold is purified in the fire, so it is with my ongoing journey finding, appreciating, loving Him.

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