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Sexy tampon


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Yes we know that the site is ripped off from FunnyJunk. There are so many reasons I, and millions like me, choose the pad. Not Set Male Female. For far too long, people who use menstrual pads have been doubly stigmatized: It's unclear how tampons came to enjoy such prestige, even if that power doesn't translate into numbers.

For far too long, people who use menstrual pads have been doubly stigmatized: They are confident that their hygiene product is the superior one. They believe those who choose pads are weak, anachronistic, regressive. Pad users, in their minds, are blind to social norms and addicted to the pleasures of the napkin, a disposable mattress for the vagina. Unless it's the first day of their period, in which case, please take a chair.

Stock images perpetuate the myth that women are weaker when they're on their period. I wore my first menstrual pad at the age of Even though I didn't have my period at the time, I wanted to impress the other girls and show that I, too, was one of the cool ones, capable of getting knocked up by one of the popular loud boys.

I'd always offer the sexy super maxi pads I stole from my mom's bathroom to the popular girls in the locker room after they complained about this beautiful, mysterious ailment they called "cramps. What was this cramp? Could I have it, too?

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Sexy tampon

Does your 21st birthday HAVE to be massive? Sexy Tampon! Tags: tampon (1). +1 Funny Not Funny Unsubscribe Subscribe Unfavorite Favorite. Views: Favorited: 0 Submitted: 3/03/ More people use menstrual pads than tampons, so why are pad users are Or maybe it's because tampons are sleek and sexy, built like..

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